Near Tragedy Sparks Legal Victory: A Mother’s Fight for Justice After a Harrowing Accident

Manchester Firm Wins Compensation for a Mother and Her Premature Baby in a Groundbreaking Case

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Legal Triumph: Veritas Solicitors secures £6,500 in damages for Selma Abdalla after a pavement accident endangered her and her unborn child.
  2. Harrowing Experience: Abdalla endured a traumatic fall at 30 weeks pregnant, leading to the premature birth of her daughter, Yomna.
  3. Safety and Accountability: The case highlights the importance of public safety on construction sites and the legal system’s role in upholding it.

A Mother’s Nightmare Turned Legal Milestone

The streets of Manchester witnessed a near-tragic incident that transformed into a beacon of hope and justice for many. Selma Abdalla, a 45-year-old mother from Manchester, faced every expecting mother’s worst fear when she fell into a hole on Langport Avenue, Ardwick. This horrifying incident, however, led to a victorious legal battle fought by Veritas Solicitors, underlining the significance of public safety and the power of legal recourse.

The Accident That Changed Everything

The event unfolded on 15th July 2019, as Abdalla, then 30 weeks pregnant, was returning from her children’s school. She fell into a concealed hole, part of ongoing construction works, causing severe pain and immediate concern for her unborn child. Despite the physical trauma being limited to minor cuts and bruises, the fall precipitated a chain of events that threatened the life of her unborn baby.

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The Fight for Yomna’s Life

Abdalla’s ordeal worsened over the following days, as she experienced increased pain, blurred vision, and headaches. Her condition escalated rapidly, necessitating an emergency C-section. Her daughter, Yomna, was born weighing just 1.5kg, seven weeks premature, and required extensive care in a special baby unit for nine weeks. Abdalla recounts the heart-wrenching moments: “I thought my child was going to die. She was so tiny, she fit in my hand.”

Legal Battle and Victory

In the aftermath, Abdalla, supported by Veritas Solicitors, embarked on a legal battle against the construction company responsible for the accident. The case, which was settled out of court for £6,500 just a month before trial, serves as a testament to the resilience of a mother and the efficacy of legal advocacy in personal injury cases.

The Emotional and Physical Toll

Abdalla’s recovery was prolonged and challenging. She struggled with basic tasks and grappled with the emotional trauma of the incident and its impact on her newborn. The experience was a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of safety measures in public areas.

A Legal Perspective

Amina Ali from Veritas Solicitors, representing Abdalla, emphasized the case’s significance: “This settlement stands as a poignant reminder that safety must always be paramount on construction sites, especially in public areas. It reiterates the imperative of holding accountable those responsible for oversights that lead to life-altering events.”

Life After the Settlement

Today, Yomna is a healthy 4-year-old, living a normal life, a stark contrast to the dire circumstances following her birth. This case not only highlights the responsibilities of construction companies in ensuring public safety but also showcases the role of the legal system in providing justice and closure to those affected by negligence.

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Veritas Solicitors: Advocates for Justice

Established in 2007, Veritas Solicitors LLP has been a beacon of hope for many, dealing with a wide range of legal issues including personal injury, medical negligence, and more. This case adds to their portfolio of successful legal advocacies, reinforcing their commitment to justice and client welfare.

Conclusion: A Call for Greater Safety and Awareness

Selma Abdalla’s story is a powerful reminder of the consequences of negligence and the importance of adhering to safety standards. It also underscores the vital role of legal professionals in advocating for victims’ rights and ensuring justice is served.


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