Meet the Top 10 Most Influential Consumer Law Lawyers in Brazil 2023

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In the evolving marketplace of Brazil, consumer law plays an increasingly critical role in protecting the rights and interests of consumers, establishing fair trade practices, and managing contractual relations that involve consumer disputes. The strength of this legal field in Brazil is reflected in its highly competent practitioners. A strong practitioner in consumer law serves as a liaison between the often confusing legal jargon and the common, everyday consumer. They are truly a bridge between the legal and the practical. Here are some of the most respected Consumer Law lawyers in Brazil to give you a glimpse into the field’s top minds.

Sérgio Pinheiro Marçal

Pinheiro Neto Advogados is home to Sérgio Pinheiro Marçal, one of the most celebrated consumer law specialists in Brazil. Known for his impressive expertise, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, Marçal has established his name in the field of product liability and defective products mandates, expertly managing complex class actions. He is lauded for his strategic view and superior understanding of the best ways to navigate a case.

Luciana Goulart Penteado

Luciana Goulart Penteado, a partner in Goulart Penteado Advogados, commands immense respect in the consumer law field. Her portfolio speaks volumes about her successful career, including her expertise in recall management and strategic affairs. Clients appreciate her perceptive understanding of market fluctuations and her adaptability.

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Roberta Feiten

Over at Souto Correa Advogados, Roberta Feiten is recognized for her impressive work in the consumer law realm. Her clientele largely comprises tech and electronic sector clients for whom she provides solutions to complex issues. Her high level of professionalism and expertise has garnished her with due praises from satisfied clients.

Thais Matallo Cordeiro

Thais Matallo Cordeiro, known for her diligent and skillful practice in consumer law, works with Machado Meyer. Her peers speak highly of her extensive technical knowledge and strategic approach. Clients value her commercial awareness and in-depth understanding of the field.

Luciano Benetti Timm

Luciano Benetti Timm is a respected lawyer at CMT – Carvalho, Machado, and Timm Advogados. His proficiency in consumer law is echoed by his peers and clients who highlight his versatile expertise and superior knowledge in representing clients before regulatory agencies.

Fernando Dantas M Neustein

Fernando Dantas Neustein, a key figure in Mattos Filho, is recognized for his authority in the consumer law field. His work, particularly in the technology and pharmaceutical sectors, inspires admiration amongst his peers who laud his professional dedication and understanding of both Brazilian and international legal concepts.

Maria Helena Ortiz Bragaglia

Demarest Advogados‘s Maria Helena Ortiz Bragaglia is acknowledged for her extensive experience in product liability and new technologies. Clients extol her work quality, availability, and her deep comprehension of the legislation, labeling her an excellent and highly reliable lawyer.

Maximilian Fierro Paschoal

Another strong representative of Pinheiro Neto Advogados is Maximilian Fierro Paschoal. His colleagues and clients hold his strategic vision in high regard. His expertise extends to product liability, class actions, and recall campaigns.

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Rosângela Soares Delgado

Rosângela Soares Delgado of Limbo is recognized for her work in handling sophisticated lawsuits and administrative complications before relevant consumer authorities. She has a reputation for managing key international clients, particularly in the tobacco, technology, and life science industries.

Gustavo Gonçalves Gomes

Gustavo Gonçalves Gomes of SiqueiraCastro is praised for his commitment to clients and his acumen of delivering innovative solutions to their legal issues. His colleagues acknowledge his creativity and the extensive experience he has acquired in the field.

The Consumer Law field in Brazil is heralded by these exceptional practitioners. Their expertise, dedication, and perseverance represent the pinnacle of legal service delivery, ensuring the protection and realization of consumer rights and fair trade practices in the marketplace.

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