Meet the Top 10 Monumental Corporate/M&A Tech Lawyers in Israel 2023

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Israel has quickly established itself as a global leader in the Technology market, with a multitude of startups and incubators accelerating its widespread recognition as an innovation hub. As such, the role of corporate lawyers, especially those specializing in technology, mergers, and acquisitions, has become highly significant. These exceptional individuals facilitate and manage the intricate financial transactions that allow the tech sector to thrive. We’re taking a close look at some of the country’s top M&A: Technology lawyers.

Each attorney possesses an extensive background and provides indelible contributions to their clients – be they local startups, international corporations, investment firms, or venture capital funds. They offer their services ranging from early stages of a company’s life-cycle to strategizing exit transactions. Here, we showcase the profiles of these lawyers who are contributing to the successful corporate landscape in Israel.

Let’s dive in and learn more about these impressive individuals.

Doni Toledano

Doni Toledano is a partner at Erdinast Ben Nathan Toledano & Co. with Hamburger Evron. He is known for his extensive international portfolio and his ability to effectively work with banks, private equity funds, and tech companies. His proficiency in banking and finance further complements his work.

Mike Rimon

Mike Rimon of Meitar | Law Offices is an astute lawyer representing clients such as U.S. publicly-traded companies in significant acquisitions. He also handles cross-border transactions with great adeptness.

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Shira Azran

Also from Meitar | Law Offices, Shira Azran is an experienced corporate lawyer proficient in advising clients on securities and M&A transactions. She operates from Meitar’s Tel Aviv office.

Einat Weidberg

Einat Weidberg is an emerging talent in the corporate law sphere in Israel. While her firm, Shibolet, doesn’t have a public website, it does handle a significant number of clients, particularly from the technology and biotech sectors that often require advice on M&A.

Ashok Chandrasekhar

Ashok Chandrasekhar of Goldfarb Gross Seligman has accrued substantial international experience, representing corporations in Israel. His client list includes investment firms and leading tech companies. Interestingly, he is admitted to the Bar in Israel and California.

Dan Shamgar

Dan Shamgar, from Meitar | Law Offices, is a noteworthy professional who often represents technology companies in high-value, cross-border acquisitions.

Alon Sahar

Alon Sahar of Meitar | Law Offices, is known for aiding tech companies throughout their life-cycles, ranging from inception to large-scale exit transactions.

Ran Hai

Co-head of Herzog Fox & Neeman’s corporate and securities department, Ran Hai, is recognized for his expert counsel in local and international M&A. His sectors of experience include finance and online gaming.

Sharon Amir

Sharon Amir, Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co is a highly accomplished lawyer specializing in work involving the United States and representing private equity funds, venture capital firms, and industrial groups.

Ido Zemach

Last but not least, Ido Zemach of Goldfarb Gross Seligman is a gifted practitioner of the law who assists with domestic and cross-border transactions in real estate, technology, and other sectors.

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