Meet the Top 10 Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers in Ireland 2023

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Notable Intellectual Property Lawyers in Ireland

Ireland has become a hub for Intellectual Property (IP) legal matters, particularly due to its reputation as a digital and technology forerunner in Europe. The Irish IP legal landscape is enriched with a variety of top-tier legal professionals renowned for their exemplary-track record and groundbreaking work. The IP lawyers profiled here are renowned for their work on a variety of complex issues, ranging from commercial disputes to copyright infringement to data privacy issues arising from IT service or licensing agreements.

Residing in the best firms of the country, these lawyers are known to represent a diverse portfolio of clients from various sectors including telecom, IT, manufacturing, and more. Keeping abreast with the dynamic global and national regulatory framework, these professionals offer top-notch data protection services, and compliance guidance and technology and IP-related litigation services.

With this list, our goal is to commemorate those that are making a visible difference in the domain of intellectual property law in Ireland.

Fiona O’Beirne

Firm: McCann FitzGerald LLP
Specialties: IP Litigation, Commercial Disputes
Fiona O’Beirne is recognized for her valuable contribution to IP litigation and her handling of an array of commercial disputes, including professional indemnity claims against auditors.

John Whelan

Firm: A&L Goodbody
Specialties: IT and Data Protection Matters, Commercial Litigation
John Whelan demonstrates his legal expertise by offering guidance to clients from diverse sectors like technology, telecoms, and manufacturing. His areas of focus include IT, data protection, regulatory mandates, and commercial litigation.

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Deirdre Kilroy

Firm: Bird & Bird (Ireland) LLP
Specialties: Data Privacy, Regulatory and Contractual Matters
Deirdre Kilroy works predominantly for software companies, providing advice on data privacy, regulatory matters, and contracts. Her advisory work for multinationals seeking compliance for their Irish e-commerce operations is praiseworthy.

Leo Moore

Firm: William Fry
Specialties: Commercial and Data Privacy Issues
Leo Moore specializes in tackling commercial and data privacy issues that arise from IT service or licensing agreements. He also assists clients with GDPR compliance matters.

David Cullen

Firm: William Fry
Specialties: Trade Mark Filings and Portfolio Management
David Cullen possesses noteworthy experience in trade mark filings and the management of their portfolios.

Ann Henry

Firm: Pinsent Masons (Ireland)
Specialties: Patent Revocation Proceedings, Trade Mark Infringement
Ann Henry leads the IP practice at Pinsent Masons and frequently engages in patent revocation proceedings and trade mark infringement cases.

Gerard Kelly

Firm: Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
Specialties: Contentious IP Matters
Gerard Kelly’s extensive experience in contentious IP matters, including patent litigation and trade mark infringement, is noteworthy. He also helps clients with IP advice during the launch of new TMT products.

Anne Bateman

Firm: Philip Lee LLP
Specialties: Patent, Trade Mark, and Copyright Law
Anne Bateman has experience that touches on multiple facets of IP law, including patent, trade mark, and copyright mandates.

Laura Scott

Firm: William Fry
Specialties: Patent, Trade Mark, Copyright Infringement
Laura Scott is heralded as a market-leading lawyer who tackles patent, trade mark, and copyright infringement actions while assisting clients with IP protection and enforcement strategies.

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John Cahir

Firm: A&L Goodbody
Specialties: Trade Mark Licence Agreements and Infringement Cases
John Cahir is a highly regarded IP practitioner with significant experience in trade mark licence agreements and infringement cases.

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