Meet Delaware’s Top 10 Influential Plaintiff Chancery Lawyers in 2023

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Over the years, the Delaware Chancery Court has earned unparalleled recognition for its sophistication and efficiency in handling complex corporate and commercial disputes. Central to its effectiveness are the lawyers – astute, dedicated and skilled in their respective capacities. Placed in the limelight of our piece today are some of these extraordinary plaintiff attorneys who, through their meticulous work, have contributed greatly to its esteemed reputation.

Delaware, often referred to as the ‘Corporate Capital of the World’, is home to more than one million business entities, including over two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies. Its courts continually draw the business world’s most intricate disputes. Hence, the attorneys based in this jurisdiction must possess an extraordinary set of skills, knowledge, and expertise to manage and successfully litigate these high-stakes disputes.

Let’s dive deep into the profiles of some of the most respected plaintiff attorneys in Delaware who, with their incomparable acumen, shape the legal scene in the Chancery landscape.

Christine Mackintosh

Working with the firm Grant & Eisenhofer PA, Christine Mackintosh has proved to be a formidable attorney, often representing clients in litigation stemming from M&A and shareholder disputes. Her profound experience extends to fraud and securities class actions, earning her high praises and respect within the industry.

Joel Friedlander

As a prominent figure at Friedlander & Gorris, P.A., Joel Friedlander brings over 25 years of litigation experience. His proficiency in handling complex contract disputes and fiduciary duty mandates have earned him great respect from his contemporaries.

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Chris Foulds

Also from Friedlander & Gorris, P.A., Chris Foulds showcases his expertise on Delaware chancery matters. His dedication and knack for hard work have earned him considerable goodwill in the industry.

Corinne Amato

Working with Prickett, Jones & Elliott PA, Corinne Amato boasts extensive experience as a plaintiff’s counsel. Her exceptional work on corporate governance issues and capability in handling M&A disputes are widely recognized and respected.

David Jenkins

David Jenkins, at Smith, Katzenstein & Jenkins LLP, garners praise for his leading plaintiff-side practice. His expertise runs the gamut of corporate litigation, including appraisal and fiduciary actions.

Ronald A Brown Jr

Ronald Brown of Prickett, Jones & Elliott PA is celebrated for his expert representation of individual and corporate clients. His broad subject knowledge includes complex M&A litigation and corporate governance disputes.

Marcus Montejo

Marcus Montejo, a part of Prickett, Jones & Elliott PA, is recognized for representing individual and corporate clients in complex litigation, showing particular expertise in business valuation disputes.

Michael Barry

Operating with Grant & Eisenhofer PA, Michael Barry skilfully represents plaintiffs in a wide range of litigious and corporate governance concerns before the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Ned Weinberger

As the head of the Chancery practice at Labaton Sucharow LLP, Ned Weinberger frequently acts for plaintiffs in derivative and class actions. He offers well-rounded knowledge of corporate governance disputes, which makes him an invaluable asset to the firm.

Jeffrey Gorris

Jeffrey Gorris, a member of Friedlander & Gorris, P.A., is well respected within the Delaware ccommunity for his robust chancery practice.

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