Investors’ Green Revolution: Over Two-Thirds to Boost Investments in Nature

The Global Shift Towards Sustainable Investments and Climate Solutions

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Key Takeaways:

  • A new report from Pollination reveals that 69% of institutional investors plan to increase investments in nature.
  • Despite regional differences, investors worldwide recognize nature-related investments as a burgeoning asset class.
  • The rising politicization of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is impacting investors’ strategies and interest in nature investments.

Investing in Nature: A Global Trend

In a world increasingly concerned about climate change and environmental sustainability, institutional investors are making a significant shift towards nature-related investments. A groundbreaking report from Pollination, the global climate and nature advisory and investment firm, has unveiled that over two-thirds (69%) of institutional investors are planning to increase their investments in nature. This marks a significant turning point in the world of finance, as the global investment community recognizes the potential of nature as an asset class.

Understanding Investor Sentiment

Pollination’s “Nature Finance Focus” report delves into the attitudes and intentions of 557 institutional investors across six key jurisdictions: the UK, USA, Australia, France, Singapore, and Japan. These investors, managing a substantial $100 billion or more in assets under management, represent a diverse cross-section of the global fund management industry. The findings shed light on the current landscape of nature-related investments and the trajectory of this emerging asset class.

Global Momentum in Nature Investments

While investors’ motivations and perceptions of risk vary across regions, there is a unanimous agreement that nature-related investments can be classified as an asset class (75%). This momentum is set to grow, with the United States leading the way. Despite significant political polarization regarding sustainable and responsible investment, a remarkable 87% of US investors plan to increase their investments in the nature sector. Singapore (79%) and Australia (76%) closely follow suit, demonstrating the global appetite for nature investments.

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Balancing Returns and Impact

Investors are driven by a dual purpose when considering nature investments. While over a third are primarily motivated by returns (34%), nearly a quarter (23%) are guided by the desire to improve environmental outcomes. This dual focus on financial gains and environmental impact reflects the evolving priorities within the investment community, where profit and purpose increasingly converge.

The Changing Landscape of Risk

Investors view Private Equity and Alternatives as the most exposed asset class to nature-related risks globally. However, regional nuances emerge when dissecting these perceptions. In the UK, Private Equity takes the lead (46%), while Property and Infrastructure claim the top spot in Singapore (51%). In the US and Australia, Agriculture and Forestry emerge as the most exposed asset classes (49% and 47%, respectively). These differences highlight the diverse approaches taken by investors in different regions to mitigate environmental risks.

Activist Pressure Across Borders

The impact of activist pressure varies significantly worldwide. While only 16% of English investors cite activist pressure as a driving force, a striking 50% of Singaporean investors share this sentiment. This divergence underscores the role of local and cultural factors in shaping investor perceptions and actions.

The Significance of TNFD’s Framework

The release of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) framework marks a pivotal moment for investors and companies. It provides clarity on how to integrate nature-related risks and opportunities into investment strategies. This framework is viewed as a crucial step toward a nature-positive future, one that benefits both businesses and investors.

Navigating the Path Ahead

As the world pivots toward nature-related investments, significant challenges and opportunities lie ahead. To fully capitalize on this trend, investors seek specialists and experts in nature (41%), consider mergers and acquisitions (38%) to acquire specialized investment firms, and prepare to develop new nature-oriented products (35%). However, the rising politicization of ESG issues (90%) poses a substantial challenge, influencing investors’ strategies and their appetite for further nature investments, especially in the United States (96%).

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A Global Commitment to Sustainable Finance

The findings of Pollination’s report signal a global commitment to sustainable finance and climate solutions. Investors worldwide recognize the potential of nature-related investments to deliver returns while addressing pressing environmental challenges. This shift reflects a broader transformation in the investment landscape, where sustainability, resilience, and positive impact become integral components of financial strategies.

In an era defined by climate change and environmental urgency, institutional investors are taking bold steps towards securing a sustainable and nature-positive future.

For the complete Nature Finance Focus report and further insights, please visit Pollination.

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