Innovative Recycling Breakthrough: Greenback Achieves Milestone Certification!

Greenback Recycling Technologies Gains ISCC PLUS Certification, Boosting Sustainable Plastic Recycling

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Key Takeaways:

  • Greenback Recycling Technologies secures the prestigious ISCC PLUS certification for its facility and product.
  • π-Oil®, a product of Greenback’s recycling efforts, is recognized as a circular feedstock, enhancing sustainability.
  • Integration of eco2Veritas™, a blockchain-based system, ensures transparency and traceability in the recycling process.

Pioneering Sustainable Recycling: Greenback’s Triumph

In a significant development for the recycling industry, Greenback Recycling Technologies has achieved the ISCC PLUS certification for its facility in Cuautla, Mexico, and its innovative final product. This certification marks a commendable stride towards fulfilling global sustainability objectives and reducing reliance on fossil raw materials in the plastics recycling value chain.

ISCC PLUS Certification: A Mark of Excellence

ISCC PLUS is a globally recognized voluntary certification that endorses companies committed to sustainability in the bioeconomy and circular economy. The certification, covering sectors like food, feed, chemicals, plastics, and packaging, acts as a tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure sustainable production with fully traceable supply chains.

The Significance of π-Oil®

Greenback’s certified end-product, π-Oil®, is now acknowledged as a circular feedstock. This recognition ensures that waste is not just discarded but recycled within the economic system, contributing significantly to environmental preservation. “This certification is an important step towards Greenback’s vision of a world in which products are primarily made out of recycled raw materials,” says Samuel Martínez, Chief Revenue Officer of Greenback.

A Visionary Approach to Recycling

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Greenback’s achievement aligns with its vision of promoting products made from recycled raw materials. It aids partners and clients, especially in the petrochemical and consumer packaged goods sectors, in reducing their dependence on fossil raw materials.

eco2Veritas™: Ensuring Transparency and Traceability

A key component of Greenback’s success is its proprietary intelligent tracking system, eco2Veritas™. This digital, blockchain-based verification system employs continuous, sensor-based monitoring and AI-based recognition analysis, fit for any recycling technology. Martínez highlights, “eco2Veritas supports the ISCC PLUS annual auditing process by giving a real-time view with detailed and accurate data on the circular process at any point in time.”

A Tool for Sustainable Value Chains

eco2Veritas™ is a revolutionary system that ensures transparent and traceable origins of circular material, eliminating human errors and deception. Its certificates provide assurance that the recycled products are made from responsibly sourced waste and contribute to waste neutralization from the environment.

Greenback Recycling Technologies: A Leader in Advanced Recycling

Founded in 2018 in the UK, Greenback Recycling Technologies has emerged as a leader in advanced recycling. The company operates decentralized, small-scale plants using the Enval® microwave-induced recycling process. This process enables the recycling of flexible, multilaminate plastics into π-Oil® and aluminium, offering an immediate solution to global plastic pollution.

The Journey to Sustainability

Greenback’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its operations, products, and innovative technologies. The ISCC PLUS certification and the integration of eco2Veritas™ demonstrate the company’s dedication to promoting environmental responsibility and fostering a circular economy.

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