Innovative £5.3m Development Loan Transforms Dartmoor Hotel into State-of-the-Art Nursing Home

Blackfinch Property's Strategic Investment Boosts Local Healthcare and Economy in Dartmoor

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Major Development in Healthcare: Blackfinch Property’s £5.3 million loan facilitates the opening of Moorland Garden Nursing Home, offering advanced dementia and nursing care in Dartmoor.
  2. Community Impact and Job Creation: The project not only boosts local healthcare but also generates 60 new jobs, contributing significantly to the local economy.
  3. Strategic Investment and Partnerships: The development showcases Blackfinch Property’s sustainable and community-focused investment approach, in collaboration with numerous local partners.

A New Dawn in Dartmoor Healthcare

In a move set to redefine healthcare in Dartmoor, Blackfinch Property, a Gloucester-based lender, has announced the successful completion and official opening of the Moorland Garden Nursing Home. Financed by a substantial £5.3 million development loan from Blackfinch, the former Moorland Garden Hotel has been transformed into a state-of-the-art nursing facility.

Revitalizing the Local Healthcare Scene

The newly opened Moorland Garden Nursing Home features 55 en-suite rooms, many offering stunning views of the moor. This development is a significant boost to the local healthcare provision, especially for dementia and nursing care. It’s a testament to Blackfinch Property’s commitment to investing in projects with a lasting social impact.

Job Creation and Economic Growth

This project is not just a healthcare initiative; it’s a major contributor to the local economy. The nursing home is set to create 60 jobs, offering employment opportunities in a region where such prospects are invaluable. Ian Ford, Investment Manager at Blackfinch Property, highlights the project’s alignment with their sustainable and community-focused investment ethos.

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Addressing the Care Sector Challenge

The UK care sector faces significant challenges, as noted by Ford. With the net loss of care homes and beds in 2022, every new facility is a crucial addition to the sector. Moorland Garden Nursing Home stands as a beacon of hope, addressing the critical need for quality care facilities.

The Vision Behind Moorland Garden

Yogi Yogendran, Director of Moorland Garden Ltd, expressed excitement about the property, emphasizing its serene environment and the extensive modifications made to provide luxurious care. This transformation aligns with Moorland Garden Ltd’s vision of creating a premium care environment in a picturesque setting.

Key Partnerships and Contributions

The project’s success is a collaborative effort, with Walton Development & Construction playing a principal role. Partnerships with ADG (Darlington) for architectural services, Bell Cornwell Planning Consultants, Inspired Energy, Agile Comms, Cutec, and Fuel have been instrumental in bringing this vision to life.

Blackfinch Property: A Catalyst for Change

Blackfinch stands out in the property financing landscape for its innovative approach to lending. Its flexibility and efficiency have enabled borrowers to navigate transactions and developments with ease. This project is a prime example of Blackfinch’s ability to drive significant community and economic development through strategic investment.

Conclusion: A Milestone for Dartmoor and Beyond

The opening of Moorland Garden Nursing Home marks a significant milestone in the healthcare landscape of Dartmoor. It exemplifies how strategic investment and collaboration can lead to developments that not only enhance healthcare services but also stimulate local economies. As the region celebrates this opening, it sets a precedent for future healthcare and community-focused projects.

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