Groundbreaking News: Telness Tech Secures Massive Funding Amidst Rapid US Expansion

Telness Tech's Strategic Funding and Leadership Restructure Position Company for Explosive Growth

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Key Takeaways:

  • Telness Tech, a leading automation software company in the telecommunications industry, secures €5 million in bridge funding to support its international expansion, particularly in the US market.
  • With over 18 mobile operators already utilizing Telness Tech’s full automation platform and multi-year contracts signed with two US clients ahead of schedule, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth.
  • Co-founders Jonas Cedenwing and Martina Klingvall swap operational roles within Telness Tech to effectively manage the company’s expanding operations and international growth strategy.

Unprecedented Expansion: Telness Tech Secures €5M in Funding

Telness Tech, a pioneering software company revolutionizing the telecommunications industry with its full automation platform, has announced the successful securing of €5 million in bridge funding. This significant investment comes at a crucial juncture for the company as it accelerates its international expansion, particularly in the lucrative US market. Bolstered by a rapidly growing client base and an impressive pipeline of opportunities, Telness Tech is poised to redefine the telecom landscape with its innovative solutions.

Rapid International Expansion: Telness Tech’s Meteoric Rise

In just a few short months, Telness Tech has achieved remarkable milestones in its journey towards global expansion. With over 18 mobile operators already leveraging its full automation platform and multi-year contracts secured with two US clients well ahead of schedule, the company’s growth trajectory is nothing short of extraordinary. The rapid uptake of Telness Tech’s solutions underscores the pressing need within the telecommunications industry for streamlined, user-centric solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Strategic Leadership Restructure: Founders Swap Operational Roles

To effectively manage its burgeoning operations and navigate the complexities of international expansion, Telness Tech has implemented a strategic leadership restructure. Co-founders Jonas Cedenwing and Martina Klingvall have exchanged operational roles within the company, ensuring that top talent remains closely involved in executing the company’s ambitious growth strategy. This restructuring reflects Telness Tech’s commitment to agility, innovation, and adaptability in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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Founder Perspectives: Driving Innovation and Growth

Commenting on the leadership swap, Jonas Cedenwing, Founder and incoming Chief Operations Officer, emphasized the imperative of scaling up rapidly to meet the demands of Telness Tech’s expanding client base. “The pace of our growth has been extraordinary,” remarked Cedenwing. “As I focus on our new international clients, scaling our organization accordingly, Martina will oversee managing the leadership team and reporting to the board.”

Martina Klingvall, Founder and incoming CEO of Telness Tech, echoed Cedenwing’s sentiments, highlighting the importance of top talent in driving innovation and sustaining momentum amidst rapid growth. “With our current trajectory, it’s essential to have our top talent closely involved in the execution of our operations,” stated Klingvall. “As CEO, I will focus on managing the leadership team, while Jonas will lead critical technical aspects and operations, ensuring that our momentum remains as we rapidly enter new markets.”


Telness Tech’s strategic funding and leadership restructure mark a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards global expansion and market dominance. With unparalleled growth, innovative solutions, and visionary leadership, Telness Tech is poised to revolutionize the telecommunications industry and shape the digital landscape of the future.

For additional information about Telness Tech, visit: Telness Tech

About Telness Tech: Telness Tech is the software company behind the highest-rated digital mobile operator in Europe, Telness. Founded in 2016, Telness Tech enables cloud-based mobile operators (MVNOs) and other telecommunications companies to launch fully digital user-centric solutions that maximize customer satisfaction and minimize OPEX through full automation. As the only fully automated platform on the market, Telness Tech helps telecom companies reduce costs by up to 80%, shorten time to market to 2 months, and increase customer satisfaction by x3.

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