Groundbreaking Ciliatech Implant Shows Promising Results in Treating Glaucoma – Two-Year Post-Operative Study Reveals Sustained Decrease in Intraocular Pressure

Ciliatech's CID Implant Offers New Hope for Glaucoma Patients

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Ciliatech, a pioneering medtech company specializing in ophthalmology, has announced the two-year post-operative results of its revolutionary Cilio-scleral Interposition Device (CID) for the treatment of glaucoma. The findings, to be presented at the World Glaucoma Congress in Rome from June 28 to July 2, 2023, showcase the sustained reduction in intraocular pressure (IOP) achieved by the CID implant while ensuring the preservation of the eye’s anterior chamber.

Positive Outcomes of the SAFARI II Clinical Trial

Ciliatech’s preliminary results from the SAFARI II study demonstrate that the CID implant successfully maintains stable IOP levels within a safe zone average of 15 mmHg for patients with Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG). The second cohort of patients who underwent the innovative cilio-scleral surgical procedure exhibited a remarkable decrease in their reliance on glaucoma prescription medicine, with an 88% reduction. Notably, no treatment failures were observed.

Moreover, the study confirms the safety of the CID implant, as no new adverse events have been reported since the 12-month follow-up visit. These outcomes reinforce the positive results observed in the first 24-month post-operative study, SAFARI I, indicating that the performance and safety profile of the CID implant are consistent and reliable.

CID: A New Category of Glaucoma Implants

CID, developed by Ciliatech, represents a groundbreaking advancement in glaucoma surgery. It is the first implant that allows surgeons to effectively manage IOP while bypassing the anterior segment of the eye, thus preserving the conjunctiva. By leveraging the eye’s natural drainage pathways, CID eliminates the need for filtration bleb and reduces the risk of complications associated with traditional surgical techniques.

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Implications for Patient Care and Quality of Life

The results of the SAFARI II study hold significant clinical meaning. Approximately 95% of patients achieved IOP levels below 21 mmHg, with 81% experiencing levels below 18 mmHg. Moreover, at the two-year mark, 90% of patients were free from glaucoma medication. These outcomes highlight the positive prognosis for long-term efficacy, enhancing patient quality of life following surgery.

Dr. Philippe Sourdille, co-founder of Ciliatech and inventor of CID, expressed satisfaction with the high number of patients who no longer require medication at the 24-month follow-up. This achievement aligns with the company’s vision of providing durable glaucoma treatment with zero adverse effects, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Continuing Research and Future Prospects

Ciliatech’s commitment to advancing glaucoma treatment is evident through ongoing clinical studies. Currently, the company has more than 100 patients enrolled in various trials, and the combined data from SAFARI I and II encompass 27 patients at the two-year mark. Moving forward, Ciliatech aims to collaborate with additional surgeons and expand its research to include other glaucoma populations, such as narrow-angle glaucoma, where the CID implant has the potential to provide effective treatment.

CID’s innovative approach has disrupted traditional glaucoma surgical techniques by unlocking the natural uveoscleral pathway while preserving the anterior segment of the eye. With its unique advantages and clinically meaningful outcomes, CID represents a promising development in the field of ophthalmology and offers hope for glaucoma patients worldwide.

About Ciliatech

Ciliatech, a specialized medtech company focused on ophthalmology, is dedicated to developing a new class of implants for durable and adverse-effect-free glaucoma treatment. With approximately 80 million people affected by glaucoma each year, Ciliatech’s pioneering concept, CID (Cilio-scleral Interpositioning Device), stands as the first implant to effectively reduce IOP without penetrating the anterior chamber or creating subconjunctival filtration. By leveraging the unique positioning between the ciliary body and the sclera, CID ensures the preservation of the eye’s anterior segment while optimizing the natural uveoscleral pathway.

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Founded in 2017 by ophthalmic surgeon Philippe Sourdille and biotech entrepreneur Olivier Benoit, Ciliatech recently launched its third clinical trial to evaluate the latest generation of its implant. Headquartered near Annecy, France, the company has raised €6M ($6.5M) in financing and remains committed to revolutionizing glaucoma treatment.

For more information, please visit: www.cilia.tech.

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