Game-Changer in Pharma: Revolutionary Certification Earned by Industry Trailblazer

A New Era of Ethical Pharmaceutical Innovation: How One Company's B Corp Certification is Setting Industry Standard

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Key Takeaways:

  • Provepharm, a pharmaceutical leader, achieves prestigious B Corp™ certification.
  • The company joins an elite group of pharmaceutical firms committed to balancing profit with social and environmental responsibility.
  • Provepharm’s diverse initiatives in CSR, EDI, and training showcase its commitment to ethical business practices.

A Milestone in Corporate Responsibility

Marseille, France, marked a pivotal moment on November 29, 2023, as Provepharm, renowned for its expertise in medical dyes and antidotes, announced its acquisition of the esteemed B Corp™ certification. This achievement places Provepharm in an exclusive cadre of pharmaceutical companies globally, who not only pursue profitability but also meticulously integrate social and environmental considerations into their business models.

B Corp: The Benchmark of Excellence

The B Corp certification, known for its rigorous standards in social and environmental performance, as well as accountability and transparency, represents a significant achievement for Provepharm. The process involved an extensive assessment with over 300 questions, culminating in an impressive score of 82.8 points. This certification underscores Provepharm’s commitment to ethical, transparent, and responsible business practices.

Provepharm’s Holistic Approach

For 25 years, Provepharm has demonstrated unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR). This includes innovations aimed at patient safety, particularly in surgical and endoscopic dyes, and regular engagement with healthcare professionals to ensure product satisfaction. Their initiatives extend beyond their core business, reflecting their deep commitment to social impact and community involvement.

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Empowerment and Equality in the Workplace

Provepharm stands out for its commitment to equality and professional development. With an impressive Egapro gender equality index score of 93/100 in 2022 and a focus on continual training for its employees, the company ensures an inclusive and growth-oriented workplace. This commitment is further highlighted by their consecutive Great Place to Work® certifications.

Leadership’s Vision and Commitment

Michel Feraud, chairman and chief executive officer of Provepharm, expressed pride in this collective achievement. He emphasized the certification as a reflection of the company’s mission to positively impact patients, employees, and the broader ecosystem. Frédérique Alverola, chief people & impact officer, echoed this sentiment, noting the rigorous, holistic nature of the B Corp certification process and its alignment with the company’s core values.

Future Prospects and Global Impact

Joining the B Corp community offers Provepharm a platform for knowledge exchange on CSR issues and opportunities to form partnerships with like-minded companies. With over 7,000 B Corp-certified companies worldwide, this network represents a formidable force in driving positive change across various industries.

About B Lab™ and Provepharm

B Lab™, an international nonprofit, spearheads the B Corp™ certification scheme, uniting businesses committed to societal and environmental excellence. Provepharm, with its roots in France and a global reach, stands as a testament to this mission, constantly striving to improve patient lives through innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

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