Future Unleashed: The Mega-Conference That’s Redefining Technology and Entrepreneurship

EAI's 5th International Conference on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Education is set to spotlight groundbreaking tech trends in sports broadcasting, medtech, and more, promising a melting pot of ideas and innovation.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tech Meets Major Events: TIE2024 will explore cutting-edge technologies in broadcasting and networking for major events like the Olympic Games and Euro 2024.
  • Innovation and Education in Focus: The conference will extend beyond tech to uncover its applications in education, medtech, and start-up ecosystems.
  • Networking and Knowledge Exchange: With a track record of success, TIE2024 offers unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and innovation across various sectors.

Introduction to Innovation

A Legacy of Success

Following a highly acclaimed event last year, EAI is gearing up to host the 5th iteration of its International Conference on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Education (TIE2024). The conference promises to be an epicenter of technological advancements, showcasing innovations that intersect with significant global sporting events.

Technology in the Spotlight

Broadcasting Breakthroughs

TIE2024 will delve into the technological advancements shaping the broadcasting, networking, and dissemination of content for major international sports events. The conference aims to bridge the gap between technological innovation and practical application, offering insights into the future of media and entertainment.

Beyond Sports: A Broader Impact

The scope of TIE2024 extends beyond sports, targeting broader domains like education and medtech. By highlighting the potential of new technologies in these areas, the conference seeks to illuminate pathways for knowledge expansion and business opportunities.

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Call for Innovation

Seeking the Pioneers of Tomorrow

Jeremy Foss, the General Chair of TIE, emphasizes the conference’s role as a beacon for experts and emerging entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and innovations. With a call for researchers to contribute their insights, TIE2024 is set to be a collaborative forum that fosters educational and commercial growth.

A Spectrum of Topics

Participants are invited to submit abstracts on a wide range of topics, from content creation and immersive experiences to advanced technologies like AI, VR/AR/MR, and next-generation wireless communications. This inclusive approach ensures a comprehensive exploration of the technological landscape.

Networking and Collaboration

Building Professional Communities

TIE2024 is designed to facilitate interaction and networking among attendees, offering a unique environment for researchers and professionals to exchange ideas and foster collaborations. The conference will feature lectures, demonstrations, and discussion panels, encouraging active participation and knowledge sharing.

The Venue: University of Warwick

Scheduled for October 2024, the University of Warwick will host this prestigious event, providing a fitting backdrop for discussions on the future of technology and innovation. Interested participants are encouraged to submit their papers and presentations before the April deadline.


EAI’s 5th International Conference on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Education is poised to be a groundbreaking event, merging the realms of technology, sports, education, and business. By facilitating a global dialogue on innovative technologies and their practical applications, TIE2024 aims to inspire and equip attendees to drive the future of their industries forward.

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