From Bean to Bar: A Game-Changing Approach to Cocoa Production!

Embracing Integrity at Every Step - How One Ag-Tech Start-up is Setting New Standards in Sustainable and Ethical Cocoa Production

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Key Takeaways:

  • Proactive Integrity: A leading ag-tech start-up is embedding ethics and integrity in its operations, paving the way for a paradigm shift in sustainable cocoa production.
  • Tech-Enabled Transparency: Leveraging IoT and cloud technology to ensure process integrity, product quality, and equitable value distribution from the farm to the consumers.
  • Economically Sustainable Ethics: Balancing ethical practices and economic sustainability, setting a new benchmark for the global cocoa and chocolate industry.

Setting a New Ethical Standard

In the competitive world of technology and innovation, the incorporation of ethics and integrity often comes as a reactionary measure, a remedial step taken in the wake of shortcomings or failures. However, a Berlin-based ag-tech start-up is charting an unconventional path by integrating integrity at the foundational level of its operations, particularly in the complex and often opaque world of cocoa production.

A Paradigm Shift in Cocoa Production

COOKO, the disruptive entity, isn’t waiting for a crisis to inject ethical considerations into its business model. Instead, it’s setting a trailblazing standard by appointing Dr. Silke Elwers as the Vice President of Product Integrity. This anticipatory step underscores COOKO’s commitment to ensuring that ethics and integrity aren’t mere buzzwords but intrinsic components of every operational facet.

Confronting “Wicked Problems”

In the intricate labyrinth of global cocoa production, issues stemming from poverty, environmental degradation, and opaque practices are deeply entrenched. The exploitation and underservicing of artisanal farmers, coupled with the hidden costs across the value chain, are systemic issues necessitating innovative, holistic solutions. COOKO is rising to this challenge by placing integrity and transparency at the epicenter of its operational ethos.

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Technology as a Catalyst for Change

Harnessing the power of IoT and cloud technologies, COOKO is engineering digital connections that ensure process integrity and value equity from the get-go. The company’s groundbreaking approach is automating compliance with emerging global deforestation and sustainability legislation, marking a significant stride towards aligning economic imperatives with ethical practices.

Dr. Elwers’ Vision

With two decades of experience in the cocoa industry, Dr. Elwers is spearheading an initiative to recalibrate the industry in favor of the environment and ethics. She advocates for a shift from mass production of low-quality chocolate to a model prioritizing higher quality, ethically produced cocoa – a change that promises enhanced outcomes for all stakeholders, especially the often-neglected artisanal farmers.

Integrity Beyond Product

For COOKO, product integrity extends beyond the final product. It encompasses the entirety of the production processes, underscoring the importance of every decision made along the value chain. This expansive view of integrity is instrumental in transforming not just the cocoa industry, but also setting a benchmark for other sectors.

The Road Ahead

As COOKO embarks on this audacious journey, the global cocoa and chocolate industry is on the brink of transformation. The infusion of integrity, ethics, and transparency into every stage of production isn’t just an aspirational goal; it’s an attainable reality shaping the future of cocoa production.

This innovative approach promises far-reaching implications. For artisanal farmers, it heralds an era of fair compensation and recognition. For consumers, it guarantees quality and ethical consumption. For the environment, it signifies sustainable practices that respect and nurture ecological balance.

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In Conclusion

COOKO’s initiative isn’t a solitary endeavor; it’s a clarion call for the entire industry to transcend traditional operational norms and embrace a future where integrity, ethics, and sustainability are foundational, not supplementary. In a world grappling with complex environmental, social, and ethical challenges, the integration of integrity from the first mile of production isn’t just commendable; it’s imperative.

As we observe this transformative phase, one fact is irrefutable: the future of the cocoa and chocolate industry lies not in the volume of production but in the integrity of the process. Every bean, every bar, and every bite tells a story – a narrative that COOKO is rewriting to ensure that every chapter is imbued with integrity, every page resonates with ethics, and every line echoes the harmonious symphony of economic sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social equity.

In the world that COOKO envisions, enjoying a bar of chocolate isn’t just a delightful indulgence; it’s an act of conscious consumption that upholds the dignity of farmers, honors the sanctity of the environment, and celebrates the unyielding integrity that defines every strand of the cocoa value chain. This isn’t just the future of chocolate; it’s the future of conscientious, sustainable, and equitable commerce in a world where business objectives and ethical imperatives aren’t at loggerheads but in harmonious alignment, illuminating a path that transcends profit margins to touch lives, nurture the planet, and sculpt a legacy of integrity for generations to come.


Berlin-based AgTech start-up COOKO GmbH, founded in 2021 by Ferdi Van Heerden, is the source of connected, efficient and regenerative value chains. COOKO’s unique approach to artisanal agriculture and agri-tech is primed to change the industry for good. COOKO turns the supply and value chain into a sustainability catalyst. Starting at the point of harvest, COOKO reimagines connected, efficient and regenerative ‘value-added relationships’ for hard-to-trace commodities, starting with cocoa, by putting the farmer first.

Through our data-driven platform, COOKO empowers farmers, trades, buyers, and the industry with insights, data, and tools to trace agri-commodities, reduce environmental impact, connect people, and improve sustainability practices along the value chain. With a vision to change the industry for good, COOKO is committed to harnessing innovation to address global farmer and food security, and sustainability challenges. COOKO is a registered GmbH with a wholly owned subsidiary in Cameroon. 

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