Eye Health Revolution: Boosting the UK Economy by £10 Billion – Unleashing the Power of Vision

New Research Reveals the Enormous Economic Potential of Improved Eye Health

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Key Takeaways:

  • A recent study shows that avoidable sight loss costs the UK economy a staggering £10 billion each year, almost double the value of the nation’s film and TV industry.
  • This research places the UK in the top 10 countries globally with the most to gain from better eye health.
  • The economic impact of sight loss is profound, with 30% of affected individuals experiencing reduced employment opportunities despite 90% of sight loss being preventable with early detection and treatment.

On World Sight Day, new research unveils a startling revelation: improving eye health could infuse the UK economy with an astonishing £10 billion annually, nearly doubling the value of the nation’s film and television industry. The Love Your Eyes campaign, which aims to promote the importance of eye health, has released these findings to emphasize the remarkable potential economic gains tied to better vision.

This study, conducted by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) in collaboration with Prof. Kevin Frick from John Hopkins University, analyzed the costs associated with avoidable sight loss in individuals over the age of 50. The astonishing financial benefits place the UK among the top 10 countries worldwide with the greatest economic potential from enhanced eye health.

Eyesight’s Critical Role in Economic Prosperity

Healthy eyes play an indispensable role in our ability to engage in productive work. In an era where technological advancements are reshaping industries, many jobs necessitate prolonged screen usage, which can lead to eye strain and negative repercussions on eye health if precautions aren’t taken. This situation is especially pertinent in the UK, where the service sector comprises a substantial 79% of total economic output, employing 83% of the workforce.

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Globally, sight loss extracts a hefty economic toll, amounting to a staggering US$411 billion every year, according to the Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health. Alarmingly, approximately 30% of people worldwide who experience sight loss also encounter reduced employment opportunities. Yet, the paradox lies in the fact that 90% of sight loss is entirely preventable through early detection and timely intervention.

A Call to Business Leaders

Peter Holland, CEO of IAPB and spokesperson for the Love Your Eyes campaign, urges business leaders to take heed of these compelling findings and incorporate eye health into their workplace wellbeing initiatives. He underlines the significance of sight in both personal and professional life, with cataracts and a lack of reading glasses being among the leading causes of preventable sight loss. Holland emphasizes the importance of creating a vision-friendly work environment and fostering healthier, happier employees through various means, from eye health education to insurance plan adjustments.

“No business should miss out on the boost that better eye health brings to their bottom line,” states Peter Holland.

Supporting Vision for a Better Future

The research conducted by IAPB and Prof. Kevin Frick employed GNI per Capita data from the World Bank and prevalence figures for various eye health conditions from the ‘VLEG/GBD 2020 Model’ displayed on the IAPB Vision Atlas. These data points allowed for the estimation of productivity losses in individuals aged 50-65 with moderate to severe vision impairment and blindness caused by uncorrected refractive error or unoperated cataracts.

This revelation highlights the critical importance of prioritizing eye health, not only for the welfare of individuals but also for the prosperity of the entire economy. By advocating for early detection and treatment, businesses and policymakers can contribute to a future where avoidable sight loss is minimized, unlocking significant economic benefits for all.

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