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Private equity transactions play a pivotal role in the Canadian business landscape, driving growth, innovation, and investment opportunities. Within this dynamic sector, numerous lawyers in Canada specialize in facilitating buyout transactions, providing invaluable legal expertise and guidance to clients. In this article, we highlight some of the most notable and accomplished private equity lawyers in Canada, showcasing their contributions to the industry and their expertise in navigating complex buyout deals. From Toronto to Montréal and beyond, these legal professionals are instrumental in shaping the private equity landscape in Canada.

Michael Akkawi (Mintz)

With over two decades of experience, Michael Akkawi is a respected figure in Canada’s private equity arena. Based in Toronto, he excels in advising clients on market-leading buyout and exit transactions. Akkawi’s expertise extends to fund formation and investment restructuring, making him a valuable asset to clients seeking comprehensive legal support in the private equity space.

Brian M Pukier (Stikeman Elliott LLP)

Brian Pukier, based in Toronto, is a highly skilled lawyer focusing on M&A transactions, corporate governance, and private equity matters. His in-depth knowledge and experience make him a trusted advisor to clients navigating the complexities of private equity buyouts. Pukier’s expertise and dedication contribute to successful outcomes for his clients in this competitive field.

Michel Boislard (Fasken)

As a highly respected lawyer based in Montréal, Michel Boislard provides comprehensive legal counsel to clients in M&A, securities, and corporate finance matters. His client roster includes tech firms and investment funds, highlighting his versatility and expertise in serving clients across diverse industries. Boislard’s deep understanding of private equity buyouts enables him to guide clients through complex transactions with confidence.

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John Mercury (Bennett Jones LLP)

John Mercury, the head of the private equity practice at Bennett Jones LLP, is widely regarded for his expertise in buyout transactions. Based in Calgary, he is a standout figure in Western Canada, providing valuable advice and support to private equity groups. Mercury’s guidance and strategic insights are highly sought after in the private equity landscape, making him a trusted advisor in the region.

Samantha Horn (Stikeman Elliott LLP)

Based in Toronto, Samantha Horn is a highly experienced lawyer specializing in buyout transactions, with a particular focus on the life sciences and technology sectors. Her deep understanding of these industries allows her to provide tailored legal solutions to clients, ensuring their success in the rapidly evolving private equity landscape. Horn’s expertise and industry knowledge make her an invaluable asset to clients seeking to navigate complex buyout transactions.

Stewart Sutcliffe (Stikeman Elliott LLP)

Stewart Sutcliffe, based in Toronto, is widely recognized for his capabilities in the private equity space. His notable experience representing major European and US-headquartered private equity houses in acquisitions across sectors such as energy and aviation sets him apart as a trusted advisor. As the head of the private equity team in Toronto, Sutcliffe brings extensive knowledge and expertise to guide clients through successful buyout transactions.

Laurie Duke (Torys LLP)

Laurie Duke, based in Toronto, has established herself as a respected lawyer in Canada’s private equity buyouts space. With an impressive track record of notable deals, Duke’s expertise and strategic approach contribute to successful outcomes for her clients. As the private equity landscape continues to evolve, Duke remains at the forefront, providing innovative solutions and legal counsel.

Matthew W Cockburn (Torys LLP)

Matthew Cockburn, currently serving as the managing partner in Toronto at Torys LLP, focuses his practice on advising clients on significant M&A

and leveraged buyout transactions. With a key focus on the private equity space, Cockburn’s expertise and leadership contribute to his clients’ success in navigating complex buyout deals. His strategic insights and extensive experience make him a trusted advisor in the Canadian private equity landscape.

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John W Groenewegen (Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP)

John Groenewegen, based in Toronto, is a regular advisor to private equity houses and institutional investors, earning high regard from his clients. His expertise and deep understanding of the private equity landscape make him an invaluable resource for clients seeking guidance on buyout mandates. Groenewegen’s reputation and track record of success position him as a trusted partner in the Canadian private equity market.

Patrick Menda (Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP)

Patrick Menda, based in Montréal, brings extensive experience to the representation of private equity firms in M&A mandates. With his profound understanding of the private equity landscape, Menda provides strategic guidance to clients seeking successful buyout transactions. His expertise and dedication make him a trusted advisor in the private equity space.

Peter Castiel (Stikeman Elliott LLP)

Peter Castiel, based in Montréal, focuses his practice on cross-border mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and private equity matters. His expertise and experience enable him to provide comprehensive legal support to clients operating in the Canadian private equity landscape. Castiel’s strategic insights and dedication to client success make him a valuable asset in the buyout transactions arena.

Guy Berman (Torys LLP)

Guy Berman, based in Toronto, brings extensive experience to advising on buyouts, public M&A, and corporate structuring mandates. With his diverse skill set, Berman provides tailored solutions to clients navigating the complexities of private equity transactions. His expertise and strategic approach position him as a trusted advisor in the Canadian private equity buyouts space.

Ron Ferguson (Stikeman Elliott LLP)

Ron Ferguson, a respected Toronto-based lawyer, has significant experience in both domestic and cross-border private equity mandates. Assisting high-profile clients, Ferguson’s expertise and reputation make him a sought-after advisor in the private equity landscape. His contributions to the legal community and commitment to client success are highly regarded.

Patrick Barry (Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP)

Patrick Barry, based in Toronto, possesses notable experience in assisting clients with public M&A transactions, private equity buyouts, and fund formation. Barry’s expertise in navigating complex legal matters makes him an invaluable resource for clients seeking successful outcomes in the private equity landscape. His dedication to client success and exceptional legal counsel set him apart in the field.

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Shevaun McGrath (McCarthy Tétrault LLP)

Shevaun McGrath, based in Toronto, co-heads the private equity group at McCarthy Tétrault LLP. Acting for private equity houses, institutional investors, and target companies, McGrath brings extensive experience in fund formation, investment management, and buyout matters. Her leadership and expertise contribute to the success of her clients in the private equity landscape.

Patrick M. Shea (McCarthy Tétrault LLP)

Patrick Shea, based in Montréal, boasts a broad corporate practice encompassing capital markets, M&A transactions, private equity investments, and leveraged buyouts. Shea’s comprehensive expertise positions him as a trusted advisor to clients seeking legal support in the private equity buyouts space. His dedication to client success and deep industry knowledge make him an invaluable resource.


The private equity landscape in Canada is vibrant and dynamic, driven by the expertise and dedication of exceptional legal professionals. The lawyers highlighted in this article represent a diverse range of talent and experience, each making significant contributions to the success of private equity buyouts in Canada.

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