Exploring China in 2023: Top 10 Corporate Legal Influencers in Hunan

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China hosts a plethora of remarkable commercial and corporate lawyers with vast knowledge in a range of legal fields. Excitingly, several of these talented practitioners are based in Hunan Province, and are contributing greatly to several Chinese and global businesses. From restructuring and insolvency matters to in-depth understanding of investment and financing, these lawyers have consistently proven their excellence.

Today we introduce some of these top-tier lawyers that have gained recognition in their field. Some of these experts have specialized in commercial and corporate law, while others are well-versed in areas like entertainment law and intellectual property. Without further ado, let’s delve into more details about these renowned legal authorities based in Hunan, China.

In an industry often dominated by large, multinational firms, these independent practitioners prove that having a laser-sharp focus and top-tier expertise can lead to an impressive track record. Each of these lawyers brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to the field, showcasing the depth and breadth of talent in China’s legal sector.

Chuangqian Sun – Hunan Yingqi Law Firm

Sun Chuangqian is well respected for his specialism in restructuring and insolvency matters. Not just limited to these areas, he also brings precious insights into investment and financing, particularly towards private equity fund and M&A deals. Unfortunately, Hunan Yingqi Law Firm does not have an official website at this moment.

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Yongjian Dai – City Development Law Firm

Yongjian Dai is not just a regular legal practitioner, but also counsel for government bodies and an arbitrator. His work, which includes advising bonds issuance and commercial disputes, is always backed by his impressive academic experiences.

Lixia Cao – CHN Fine Law Firm

Cao Lixia heads CHN Fine Law Firm where she is reputed for her keen handling skills in M&A deals, investment and financing, and IP mandates. CHN Fine Law Firm does not have a website at this moment.

Yuchun Liu – Hunan Tiandiren Law

Yuchun Liu is an experienced commercial lawyer with over two decades of expertise in insolvency practice. He is also adept at handling corporate bonds and real estate projects, with SOEs and local government bodies making up his key clients.

Ying Mao – Dentons China

Mao Ying is a highly favoured choice as counsel for commercial and corporate mandates. She serves as the chair of Dentons’ Changsha office with a clientele that includes engineering firms, fund management firms, and local government bodies. Dentons China does not have an official website at the moment.

Ying Wen – Hunan King Zone Law Firm

Wen Ying brings to the table two decades of expertise in the commercial field. As a part of Hunan King Zone Law Firm, he actively handles acquisition matters, contract disputes and intellectual property issues for high-value clients in real estate, catering, and financial services fields. The firm does not have an official website.

Xuefeng Tang – Hunan Tiandiren Law

Xuefeng Tang is renowned for his track record of representing major financial institutions and government organisations in commercial matters that involve litigation, loans, and note issuance.

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Xiong Mao – Dentons China

Mao Xiong is a co-leader of the commercial practice of Dentons in Changsha, well-versed in assisting clients with commercial disputes and debt financing especially in real estate and construction areas. Dentons China currently does not have a website.

Yuhua Zhai – Hunan Tiandiren Law

Yuhua Zhai is a leading practitioner in Hunan and is proficient in reorganisation matters, litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Ming Li – Hunan Tiandiren Law

Ming Li is highly regarded for his comprehensive knowledge in corporate and commercial practice. He particularly stands out for his expertise in the entertainment law sphere, handling matters that include intellectual property, private equity investment and dispute resolution.

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