Exploring 10 of Argentina’s Most Influential Dispute Resolution Lawyers in 2023

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The field of Dispute Resolution is rife with talented and experienced lawyers. Their skills and prowess have played a key role in resolving various complex disputes, thereby proving their skills. This article seeks to highlight some of the top lawyers in the field of Dispute Resolution in Argentina.

These legal experts have distinguished themselves in their industry, not only through their success rate in case resolution but also through their ability to deliver strong strategic advice and their in-depth knowledge of Argentina’s legal landscape. Let’s delve deeper to know more about these exemplary lawyers.

The list below captures some of the remarkable lawyers, who through their excellent track record, extensive experience, and expansive knowledge of both local and international dispute resolution laws, are making a significant impact in the legal field in Argentina.

Francisco Amallo

Martinez de Hoz & Rueda is proud to have dynamic partner Francisco Amallo. His prowess in arbitration practice is widely recognized, making him a valuable asset to the firm and his clients. He continually offers solutions grounded in strong experience, while his approach to delivering timely advice makes him a go-to resource in this field.

Leandro Javier Caputo

Operating from Capparelli, D’Angelo & Caputo, Leandro Javier Caputo wins his clients’ trust. Primarily because of his strong experience in the arbitration arena, he is appreciated for his sophisticated approach to analyzing cases with great professionalism.

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Germán Wetzler Malbrán

Germán Wetzler Malbrán’s strong dispute resolution practice makes him an applaudable partner at Salaverri, Burgio & Wetzler Malbran. Be it banking and energy litigation cases or local and international arbitration proceedings, Germán resolves issues professionally.

Ricardo A Ostrower

Leading partner Ricardo Ostrower from Marval O’Farrell Mairal is a stalwart legal adviser. Clients turn to him for advice in litigation proceedings and ICC arbitrations because of his high competence and commercial awareness.

Julio César Rivera Jr

Another distinguished partner of Marval O’Farrell Mairal, Julio César Rivera Jr delivers magnificent work. His experience and knowledge, particularly in the arbitration arena, continues to impress his clients.

Rodrigo F Garcia

Rodrigo Garcia is an established partner at Marval O’Farrell Mairal, known for his vast knowledge in regulatory arena which makes him a preferred choice for clients involved in civil and commercial litigation proceedings.

Carlos María Rotman

Senior statesperson Carlos María Rotman is recognized for his adeptness in commercial and civil litigation and arbitration. His expertise in the field makes him a key player at Bruchou & Funes de Rioja.

Guillermo Quiñoa

Guillermo Quiñoa of Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen displays extensive experience and exceptional skill in the management of disputes. His swift responses to client queries and case issues are highly commendable.

Luis Rodolfo Bullrich

A brilliant lawyer, Luis Rodolfo Bullrich from Nicholson y Cano Abogados continues to advise clients from a range of industries. His expertise in the field of arbitration proceedings and commercial litigation cases makes him a highly qualified professional.

Gonzalo García Delatour

Key partner Gonzalo García Delatour from Beccar Varela is revered for his commendable work in arbitration proceedings under ICC rules and complex litigation. His deep understanding of the business, attention to detail and strategic advice have significantly boosted the firm’s arbitration practice.

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This list provides a glimpse of the rich talent within the Argentinian dispute resolution field. Each lawyer profiled stands out for their experience, industry knowledge and dedication to their clients.

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