Empowering Future Leaders: University of Leeds and Santander Universities Break New Ground

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Enhancing Educational Opportunities: The University of Leeds and Santander Universities renew their commitment to providing scholarships, internships, and international experiences.
  2. Fostering Inclusion and Diversity: Their partnership focuses on student success and progression, particularly among underrepresented groups.
  3. Real-World Impact and Student Testimonials: Beneficiaries of the program share their transformative experiences, underlining the initiative’s profound effect on their educational and career paths.

Introduction: A Pioneering Educational Partnership

Elevating Student Opportunities

The University of Leeds and Santander Universities have reaffirmed their dedication to removing barriers in higher education, benefiting students, staff, and the local community. This partnership symbolizes a joint effort to foster inclusivity and provide unique opportunities for academic and professional growth.

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The University of Leeds and Santander Universities Collaboration

Over a Decade of Support and Success

A History of Making a Difference

Since 2007, Santander Universities has contributed over £2 million to support student success at Leeds, particularly among underrepresented groups. This support ranges from internships with SMEs and charities to aiding student business start-ups and providing international educational experiences.

Renewing the Vision

Commitment to Continued Progress

The University has signed up for another three years of partnership, underscoring its long-term commitment to student success and the development of underrepresented groups.

Impact on Students: Success Stories and Experiences

Scholarships Changing Lives

Beneficiaries Speak Out

Two students have been awarded significant scholarships, receiving £10,000 each academic year for three years, along with mentoring and access to courses and events. Their testimonials reflect the profound impact of this support on their academic and career trajectories.

Internships Opening Doors

Real-World Experience and Skill Development

Student Tanpreet Kharbanda’s internship experience, funded by Santander Universities, highlights the program’s role in providing valuable industry exposure and skill development, crucial for career advancement.

The Future of the Partnership

Aims and Aspirations

Supporting Underrepresented Groups

Building on their longstanding partnership, the new agreement aims to continue supporting student success and progression, with a specific focus on underrepresented groups.

The University’s Commitment

Equipping Students for Future Challenges

Professor Hai-Sui Yu, Interim Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Leeds, emphasizes the partnership’s role in enriching student experiences and developing key skills for future changemakers.

Santander Universities’ Vision

Education as a Catalyst for Change

Building Brighter Futures

Matt Hutnell, Director of Santander Universities UK, shares the vision of education as a solution for a better tomorrow. The partnership with the University of Leeds is a key component of this vision, providing opportunities for skill development and future potential.

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Financial Support Initiatives

Additional Opportunities for Students

Santander Universities is currently offering ten £1,000 grants to support students with university costs, further extending its commitment to student welfare and success.

About the University of Leeds

A Hub of Global Education and Research

Driving Societal Impact and Change

The University of Leeds, a member of the Russell Group and home to over 38,000 students, is recognized globally for its educational and research excellence. It plays a significant role in shaping a better future through collaborative efforts to tackle inequalities and drive societal impact.

Conclusion: Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders

In conclusion, the partnership between the University of Leeds and Santander Universities represents a significant stride in higher education. It not only empowers underrepresented students but also equips them with the tools and experiences necessary to become impactful leaders in their respective fields.

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