Eco-Friendly Printing Revolution: This Company’s £1M Investment is Shaping a Greener Future

Pioneering Sustainable Printing: How a £1M Investment is Transforming the Industry and Doubling Turnover

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Key Takeaways:

  • ARC-UK Technologies invests over £1 million in sustainable printing technology, significantly enhancing eco-efficiency.
  • The company’s turnover nearly doubled in three years, showcasing the financial viability of sustainable business practices.
  • ARC-UK’s strategic partnerships and commitment to carbon neutrality align with global environmental goals.

A Leap Towards Carbon Neutrality

In a remarkable stride towards environmental sustainability, ARC-UK Technologies, known for its pioneering role in digital print and document imaging, has invested more than £1 million in eco-friendly printing technology. This bold move underscores the company’s dedication to achieving carbon net zero status, while simultaneously enhancing resource efficiency and operational productivity.

The Fusion of Sustainability and Innovation

ARC-UK’s substantial investment primarily focuses on the acquisition of the wide format Fujifilm printing press, the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED. This state-of-the-art machine is distinguished by its use of recyclable inks, free from harmful solvents, and its ability to operate with up to half the energy required by traditional printers. This technology not only represents a leap in eco-friendly printing but also sets a new benchmark for time efficiency and sustainability in the industry.

Revolutionizing Printing Efficiency Darren Moorhouse, Head of Sales UK & Europe at ARC-UK, highlights the impact of this investment: “We can now drive greater levels of productivity without compromising on neutral status or cost efficiencies.” This statement encapsulates the company’s vision of harmonizing environmental responsibility with business growth.

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Sustainable Growth: A Business Imperative

The strategic move towards sustainable practices has not only bolstered ARC-UK’s environmental credentials but has also driven significant business growth. The company’s turnover nearly doubled from £5.9 million in 2021 to £9.2 million in 2023, a testament to the growing demand for environmentally conscious business practices.

The Financial Incentive of Sustainability ARC-UK’s approach exemplifies how sustainability can be a powerful driver for financial success. Darren further adds, “We are finding that customers are more likely to partner with companies that engage in and promote sustainable practices.” This shift in consumer preference towards eco-friendly businesses is reshaping the market landscape.

Strategic Partnerships for a Greener Future

In its journey towards carbon neutrality, ARC-UK has formed significant partnerships, notably with Landsec, one of the UK’s largest property and investment companies. This collaboration focuses on reducing carbon emissions and supporting local councils in their carbon-neutral strategies, especially in major retail destinations across the UK.

Pioneering in Sustainable Infrastructure

ARC-UK’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in its infrastructure. In 2022, the company established a carbon-net zero headquarters in Dartford, a 30,000 sq. ft multi-million-pound

facility, aligning with Kent County Council’s net zero ambitions for 2030. This move not only showcases the company’s dedication to sustainable practices but also positions it as a leader in the industry’s shift towards environmentally responsible operations.

Renewable Energy Initiatives

In line with its sustainability goals, ARC-UK Technologies plans to switch to 100% renewable energy sources this year. The company is in discussions to install 60 solar panels at its Dartford facility, further reducing its carbon footprint and bolstering its commitment to green energy solutions.

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A Global Presence with a Sustainable Focus

As part of ARC Document Solutions, a New York-listed company with a global footprint serving over 90,000 customers, ARC-UK Technologies leverages its international reach to promote sustainable printing solutions. The company’s operations across more than 140 locations worldwide demonstrate its potential to influence the industry on a global scale.

Setting Industry Standards ARC-UK Technologies is not just adapting to the evolving demands of the market but is actively setting new standards in the digital printing and document imaging sector. Its focus on sustainability and innovative solutions is paving the way for other companies to follow suit, promoting a more environmentally conscious business model.

The Future of Sustainable Printing

Looking ahead, ARC-UK Technologies is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory, driven by its commitment to sustainability and innovation. With its latest investment, the company is poised to make significant contributions to reducing environmental impact in the printing industry, while demonstrating the financial viability and competitive advantage of sustainable business practices.


ARC-UK Technologies’ £1 million investment in eco-friendly printing technology marks a significant milestone in the company’s sustainability journey. By successfully balancing environmental responsibility with business growth, ARC-UK is not only leading the way in sustainable printing solutions but also proving that green business practices can be both economically viable and socially responsible.

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