Discovering the Top 10 General Business Law Influencers in Namibia 2023

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Lawyers play a pivotal role in the business sector, offering essential legal advice and guidance to support businesses in their operations and growth. In the legal world, Business Law Lawyers are particularly in high demand owing to their specialized focus on areas such as corporate transactions, commercial law, intellectual property rights, and regulatory compliance. This article will shed light on some reputable General Business Law Lawyers based in Namibia who have exemplified professional expertise and contributed significantly to their respective industries.

Notably, Namibian business law encompasses diverse legal disciplines including contract law, corporate law, competition law, employment law, intellectual property law, and more. For businesses operating within the region, reliable and expert legal counselling is vital in strategic decision-making, regulatory conformity, avoiding potential legal disputes as well as in resolution of legal disputes if they arise. The highlighted lawyers in this article have carved a niche for themselves in the legal sect by demonstrating extensive knowledge and proficiency in various spectrums of business law.

Whether you’re a multinational company looking to invest and operate in Namibia, a local business needing legal assistance, or interested in the work of these skilled practitioners, the list below offers an overview into the profiles of selected Namibian Business Law Lawyers.

Alet Louw

Based in New Zealand but actively working on matters relating to Namibia, Alet Louw is a consultant at Engling, Stritter & Partners. With no operating website, the firm operates in the realm of General Business Law where Louw exhibits an impressive understanding of competition law alongside vast transactional experience.

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Frank Köpplinger

Frank Köpplinger is a lawyer at Köpplinger Boltman, a firm that doesn’t presently have an operating website. Köpplinger is based out of Windhoek and is lauded for his commendable labour and employment practice. Furthermore, he also has substantive experience managing commercial law matters.

Karin Malherbe – ENSafrica

Karin Malherbe showcases her IP expertise at ENSafrica, where she advises on filing, prosecution and litigation, along with transactional IP. Her experience further touches upon corporate acquisitions and restructuring.

Axel Stritter – Engling, Stritter & Partners

Axel Stritter operates from Engling, Stritter & Partners’ Windhoek office and is renowned for his multidisciplinary practice. He adeptly covers corporate transactions, project finance, and regulatory compliance, subsequently advising major financial services groups and international investors.

Hartmut Ruppel – ENSafrica

As ENSafrica’s Executive chairperson in Namibia, Hartmut Ruppel provides a range of transactional and regulatory services. He caters to various clients such as pension funds, insurers, and retail companies.

André Swanepoel

André Swanepoel of the firm Dr Weder, Kauta & Hoveka Inc, despite not having a website, is highly respected in the realm of property law. He brings a wealth of experience in areas such as acquisitions, conveyancing, insolvency and developments.

Andrew Theunissen – Theunissen, Louw & Partners

Andrew Theunissen offers a substantial amount of experience to his clients, earning recognition for his longstanding practice in the transportation sector. Additionally, he is also known for his distinct expertise in tax matters.

Christiaan J Gouws – Fisher, Quarmby & Pfeifer

Christiaan Gouws of Fisher, Quarmby & Pfeifer, manifests vast real estate expertise. His realms of competence span from property development and commercial transactions to land reform law.

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Peter Johns – Ellis Shilengudwa Inc

Operating within the energy sector, Peter Johns is a highly esteemed corporate lawyer who provides legal services to industry funds and domestic producers.

Wolf Wohlers – ENSafrica

Wolf Wohlers establishes his reputation as a market-leading practitioner at ENSafrica. He brings a wealth of experience in a range of corporate transactions such as M&A, PE investments and joint venture agreements. Particularly active in the energy and infrastructure sectors, he aids with inbound investments and acquisitions along with interactions with government agencies.

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