Discover the Ultimate Treachery-Fest: Top 5 Castles for Your Next Company Event

From Ancient Fortresses to Regal Residences: Unveiling the Best Castles for Your Corporate Gathering

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Key Takeaways:

  • The popularity of BBC’s “The Traitors” has sparked a surge in interest for unique event venues like castles, with searches increasing by 117%.
  • Castles offer an immersive experience for company parties and events, providing a taste of treachery and intrigue akin to the hit TV series.
  • With hybrid working becoming the norm, businesses are seeking memorable away day venues that foster connection, communication, and celebration.

In a world where every corporate event strives for uniqueness and memorability, the allure of castles has captured the imagination of event planners and business leaders alike. Inspired by the drama and betrayal of BBC’s “The Traitors,” companies are seeking out historic venues to host their own treachery-fests. Here are the top five castles that promise an unforgettable experience for your next company event.

1. Wadhurst Castle: Where Regency Elegance Meets Modern Convenience

Nestled on the border of Kent and Surrey, Wadhurst Castle offers a picturesque setting for corporate gatherings. With its sprawling 140-acre estate and capacity to accommodate up to 104 people, this Regency castle is reminiscent of the grandeur depicted in “The Crown.” From rose gardens to Phoenix Lake, it provides the perfect backdrop for team-building activities and networking events.

2. Lumley Castle Hotel: A Timeless Haven of History

Steeped in over 630 years of history, Lumley Castle Hotel is a majestic fortress that exudes medieval charm. Once graced by the presence of James I, this castle offers a range of spaces suitable for intimate dinners or grand receptions. Immerse your team in the rich tapestry of the past while forging new connections in the present.

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3. Carlowrie Castle: Edinburgh’s Enchanting Estate

Situated on a 32-acre estate in Edinburgh, Carlowrie Castle invites guests to step into a world of luxury and refinement. Formerly the residence of renowned explorer Isobel Wylie Hutchison, this family-owned castle boasts 21 opulent bedrooms and can accommodate up to 500 guests standing. Experience the magic of Scotland’s capital in this exclusive setting.

4. Colchester Castle: A Time Capsule of British History

As the oldest castle on our list, Colchester Castle is a testament to over 2,000 years of British history. Originally built as a temple during the Roman era, it has witnessed sieges, imprisonments, and executions throughout the ages. With space for up to 250 guests, including the historic Charles Gray room, it offers a unique blend of ancient allure and modern elegance.

5. Barony Castle Hotel: Scottish Splendor in the Borders

Escape to the tranquility of the Scottish Borders at Barony Castle Hotel, located just 30 minutes outside Edinburgh. Set amidst 25 acres of countryside, this venue offers five meeting and event spaces, accommodating up to 130 people standing. Whether hosting a wedding, meeting, or team-building retreat, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Scotland’s landscape.

Embracing Hybrid Working: The Future of Corporate Events

With hybrid working becoming the new norm, the importance of memorable away day venues has never been greater. Businesses seek spaces that foster connection, communication, and celebration, ensuring teams remain cohesive and motivated. Venues like castles offer immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees, fostering a sense of camaraderie and inspiration.

For businesses seeking creative corporate event spaces, visit VenueScanner to explore a variety of options tailored to your needs.

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