Discover 2023’s Top 10 Most Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers in Venezuela

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In the complex world of Intellectual Property (IP) rights, litigation, and commercialization, legal outliers are carving paths of innovation. This is perhaps most prominent in the South American nation of Venezuela, where a dynamic legal landscape is creating exceptionally talented and insightful lawyers in the IP industry. Let us delve into a deeper understanding of this Latin legal world while celebrating the legal minds shaping the future of IP in Venezuela.

It is important to keep in mind that in today’s digital era, these practitioners are not just concerned with patents and tangible assets, they navigate the nuances of IP laws and strategies on an international scale. Hence, in a diligent manner, they have evolved their understanding beyond traditional aspects, adapting their focus to regulatory matters, digital content, e-commerce, cyber law, and restrictions on use of IP properties across different geographies. This article showcases and provides an in-depth understanding of ten such legal pathbreakers and luminaries in the IP industry of Venezuela.

The ten lawyers discussed below have not only redefined the boundaries of IP law in Venezuela but also established unique connections with industries worldwide. Each lawyer brings a unique practice and understanding of IP law; working with global corporations and local businesses alike, they protect their client’s IP while promoting its monetization.

Beatriz Ayala Cherubini

Working in the recently formed firm Ayala & Asociados, Beatriz Ayala Cherubini has made her mark as a formidable force in the Venezuelan IP law landscape. Boasting substantial expertise in the local IP market, Cherubini has garnered noteworthy recognition for her involvement and experience in the IP market.

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Sebastián González-Yanes

Respected partner at Pi360 Legal, Sebastián González Yanes, commands a solid reputation for his extensive work in the IP sector. Yanes’ wide skillset spans across multiple facets of intellectual property mandates including patents and trade marks.

Irene De Sola

Irene De Sola is hailed as a great statesperson and practitioner in the Venezuelan IP world. She is known for her diverse trade mark and patent expertise, and her significant contribution to the IP sector.

Ricardo Alberto Antequera

Partner at Antequera Parilli & Rodriguez, Ricardo Alberto Antequera operates at the very top of the IP market. He is lauded for his substantial experience in advising international clients on trade mark prosecution, regulation, and anti-counterfeiting matters.

Ricardo Enrique Antequera

Active in the IP market, Ricardo Enrique Antequera is also employed at Antequera Parilli & Rodriguez. He is recognised for his skilled handling of infringement cases and negotiation of coexistence agreements.

Manuel Antonio Rodríguez

At the same firm, Manuel Antonio Rodríguez is a trusted partner renowned for his considerable expertise in assisting clients with anti-counterfeiting investigations.

José Gutierrez

José Gutierrez of De Sola Pate & Brown Abogados – Consultores, is recognised as a leading figure in the Venezuelan IP field known for his expansive work in patents and trade marks.

Alicia Molero

At Hoet & Partners, Alicia Molero heads the IP department and is widely known for her expert handling of IP disputes.

Matías Pérez

Displaying prowess in trade mark applications and cancellation actions, Matías Pérez of Pi360 Legal continues to garner recognition for his activity in the sector.

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Marianella Montilla Ríos

As a key figure with ECV & Asociados, Marianella Montilla Ríos is acclaimed for her involvement in the Venezuelan intellectual property market, particularly her work in managing trade mark activities.

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