Decoding Success: Top 10 Japanese Projects & Energy Lawyers of 2023

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Japan’s legal market boasts a rich array of expert lawyers that are significant contributors to the development of the country’s energy and infrastructure industries. They oversee noteworthy projects, handling crucial issues related to project financing, public-private partnerships, acquisitions, and more. Herein, we bring to you an overview of some of the most distinguished domestic lawyers in the field of Projects & Energy in Japan:

From regulatory compliance to the financing of renewable energy projects, to the construction of new infrastructure, these seasoned law professionals play a pivotal role in streamlining Japan’s energy and project initiatives. They not only advise leading companies, banks, and government agencies but also help in the strategic planning of future project development goals.

The following in-depth profiles provide a snapshot of their magnificent contribution to their respective sectors and their undeniable prowess in shaping Japan’s energy landscape.

Miho Niunoya

At the esteemed firm of Atsumi & Sakai, Miho Niunoya spearheads construction projects and co-leads the firm’s PPP/PFI team. Niunoya’s extensive experience in energy and infrastructure sectors shapes her reputation as a powerful force in the market.

Nagahide Sato

Based in Nishimura & Asahi, Nagahide Sato has a stellar reputation in the domain of project finance. His remarkable grasp on legal matters relating to airport concession and hydropower projects is praised industry-wide.

Tomohiro Sato

Also at Nishimura & Asahi, Tomohiro Sato serves a roster of impressive clients with his expertise in matters of project finance. His guidance on deals relating to coal, renewable energy, and infrastructure sectors is invaluable.

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Norifumi Takeuchi

A rising star in the legal field, Norifumi Takeuchi of Anderson Mori & Tomotsune focuses on project finance techniques. Often advising banks and other lenders, Takeuchi’s work predominantly entails financing renewable energy projects.

Takashi Akahane

With his seasoned expertise, Takashi Akahane of Anderson Mori & Tomotsune is an asset to anyone seeking counsel pertaining to energy and infrastructure sectors. His regular advice to both corporate and government clients is trusted and sought after.

Reiji Takahashi

Reiji Takahashi, also of Anderson Mori & Tomotsune shines with his experience in renewable energy project financing, as well as accompanying acquisitions. His contribution is noticed and appreciated across the legal fraternity.

Kiyoshi Honda

Kiyoshi Honda, a part of Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, commands admiration in his impeccable handling of energy sector transactions, as well as project development mandates.

Naoaki Eguchi

Naoaki Eguchi, a leader in project finance and a part of Baker McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise) has forged a formidable reputation in the energy and infrastructure sector financings and investments.

Takao Higuchi

Takao Higuchi of Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu is counted among Japan’s most respected project finance lawyers. He also offers commendable experience in PFI and PPP work.

Kota Kikuchi

Founding partner at Kaynex Law Offices in Tokyo, Kota Kikuchi brings to the table significant expertise in energy sector transactions. From advising clients on acquisitions, to handling project finance and development matters, his credentials are exceptional.

The above-mentioned lawyers showcase their unbeatable prowess interpreting a complex market, making strategic decisions, and implementing holistic solutions. Their contributions and integral roles in driving Japan’s energy and infrastructure sectors forward are noteworthy, and they remain powerful influencers in these industries.

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