David vs Goliath: How SMEs Can Outshine Big Brands in SEO Warfare

Unlocking the Power of Digital PR for Small and Medium E-commerce Businesses

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Key Takeaways:

  • Digital PR Advantage: SMEs using digital PR have a 64% higher domain rating than those who don’t.
  • E-commerce Giants’ Strategy: 79% of large e-commerce sites leverage reactive digital PR and expert commentary.
  • SEO Challenges: 60% of e-commerce sites fail basic Google Lighthouse speed and performance tests.

Introduction: Leveling the E-commerce Playing Field

SMEs Gaining Ground in the SEO Race In the digital era, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face the daunting task of competing with larger brands in the online space. However, a recent white paper report by Reboot Online reveals that, through effective use of digital PR, SMEs can not only compete but excel in the realm of search engine optimization (SEO).

The Impact of Digital PR on SEO

A Game-Changer for SMEs The analysis of over 2 million backlinks from 98 e-commerce websites across various verticals uncovers the significant impact of digital PR on domain ratings. Websites utilizing digital PR strategies exhibit a domain rating 64% higher than those that do not, highlighting digital PR as a critical tool for improving online visibility.

Digital PR in Action: The Large vs. The Agile

Adopting the Giants’ Strategies While larger e-commerce sites have been quick to adopt digital PR, including reactive PR and expert commentary, their smaller counterparts have been slower to embrace these tactics. The report shows that 79% of larger e-commerce sites use these strategies, compared to a lower percentage among SMEs.

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The Underutilized Power of Expert Comments and Reactive PR

Building High-Authority Links The white paper details successful digital PR methods like expert comments and reactive PR, which are key in earning links from high-authority news publications. While 56% of e-commerce websites with decent organic traffic use these tactics, many SMEs are yet to leverage them fully.

Performance Pitfalls: The SEO Speed Test

Challenges in Website Optimization A concerning find from the report is that 60% of e-commerce sites fail to pass the basic Google Lighthouse speed and performance test. This test is crucial for ensuring websites meet Google’s performance and user experience standards, a key factor in SEO rankings.

The Cost of Organic Traffic: An Economic Perspective

Evaluating Investment in SEO The estimated cost of organic traffic to the average e-commerce brand amounts to $34,364, emphasizing the significant investment needed in SEO strategies to remain competitive. For SMEs, this underscores the importance of cost-effective strategies like digital PR.

Expert Insights: Closing the Visibility Gap

Comments from Industry Leaders Helena Maniglia, Head of Digital PR at Reboot, notes that over half of e-commerce domains invest in digital PR to enhance organic visibility. She highlights the role of digital PR in building authoritative links and increasing brand awareness, crucial for closing the visibility gap against larger brands.

Technical SEO vs. Digital PR: Striking a Balance

Google’s Perspective Google’s John Mueller recently emphasized the importance of digital PR, suggesting it can be as crucial as technical SEO. This statement indicates a shift in the SEO landscape, where non-technical aspects like public relations play a vital role in a comprehensive SEO strategy.

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Conclusion: Embracing Digital PR for SEO Success

A New Frontier for SMEs The insights from Reboot Online’s white paper report provide a roadmap for SMEs to enhance their SEO strategies through digital PR. By adopting these tactics, small and medium e-commerce businesses can level the playing field, outshining larger competitors in the digital domain.

Source: https://www.rebootonline.com/services/ecommerce-seo/

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