Czech Startup’s Big Move: Secures 2.8 Million EUR Investment for Accelerated Growth!

Discover How Apify Plans to Transform Web Data Extraction with New Investment

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Key Takeaways:

  • Apify, a Prague-based web data extraction platform, secures a significant investment of 2.8 million EUR to fuel its growth initiatives.
  • The startup achieved impressive financial milestones in 2023, with a revenue of 6.7 million EUR and a profit of nearly one million EUR, signaling a strong market presence.
  • The investment, led by venture capital fund J&T Ventures and existing investor Reflex Capital, will primarily focus on marketing, product development, and expanding the developer community.

Venturing into Growth: Apify Secures Major Investment to Fuel Expansion

Prague, Czech Republic – April 15, 2024 – Apify, a pioneering web data extraction platform based in Prague, has made a strategic move by securing a substantial investment of 2.8 million EUR. This milestone investment, led by venture capital fund J&T Ventures and existing investor Reflex Capital, aims to propel Apify’s growth initiatives and solidify its position as a global leader in web data extraction and automation.

Impressive Financial Performance in 2023

Apify’s decision to seek outside capital comes on the heels of remarkable financial achievements in 2023. The startup reported a revenue of 6.7 million EUR and a profit of nearly one million EUR, showcasing its financial stability and market traction. Notably, the company experienced an 80% growth in revenue during the last quarter of 2023 compared to the previous year, indicating a surge in demand for its innovative solutions.

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Strategic Allocation of Investment

The newly secured funds will be strategically allocated to key areas essential for driving growth and innovation. Apify plans to channel the investment into marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility, product development to expand its offerings, and fostering the growth of the developer community. Additionally, the startup aims to increase its investment in data analytics capabilities to optimize operations and drive business insights.

Vision for the Future: Building a Global Marketplace

Jan Čurn, founder and CEO of Apify, expressed the company’s vision for leveraging the investment to transition from a profit-oriented to a growth-oriented mindset. He emphasized the importance of expanding Apify’s reach to more developers and companies worldwide. With a focus on growing the developer community and offering ready-made cloud automation solutions, Apify aims to build the world’s largest marketplace for web scraping and automation tools.

Support from Industry Leaders

The investment round was led by J&T Ventures, helmed by Adam Kočík and Martin Kešner, who expressed confidence in Apify’s potential to become a global leader in its industry. Ondřej Fryc from Reflex Capital also reiterated their long-standing support for Apify’s growth journey, highlighting the company’s impressive client portfolio and revenue growth.

Transforming Web Data Extraction and Automation

Apify’s web scraping platform revolutionizes data extraction from websites, empowering companies to mine data for AI applications and automate web-based workflows at scale. The platform features an open marketplace with over 1,500 cloud-based programs called Actors, offering a diverse range of automation solutions.

About Apify

Founded in 2015 by Jan Čurn and Jakub Balada, Apify originated from the founders’ vision to harness programming for profitable business endeavors. Today, the platform serves a prestigious clientele including Siemens, Intercom, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Accenture, showcasing its industry-wide impact and credibility.

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The investment marks a significant milestone in Apify’s journey, positioning the company for accelerated growth, enhanced market presence, and continued innovation in web data extraction and automation solutions.

For more information about Apify, visit their official website at

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