Colombia’s Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawyers of 2023: Leading IP Experts

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As businesses become inevitably digital and competition increasingly fierce, Intellectual Property (IP) is gaining relevance as a fundamental asset. Colombia, like many parts of the world, is experiencing a rising number of intellectual property disputes as companies continue to grapple for dominance in their respective markets. To navigate these treacherous legal waters, businesses need capable and experienced IP lawyers. The following professionals are at the forefront of Colombia’s IP law, their expertise recognized by peers and clients alike.

They represent a diverse array of firms, some operating as sole practitioners while others are part of Colombia’s top law firms. What unites them is their outstanding knowledge of IP law, dedication to their clients, and their ability to find innovative solutions to complex problems. Let’s get to know them.

From renowned senior partners to rising associates, their work is championing the IP rights of various firms and helping shape the legal landscape in this important domain. These lawyers epitomize the very best of Colombia’s IP legal expertise.

Margarita Castellanos

Margarita Castellanos of Castellanos & Co boasts a wealth of experience, providing her clients with innovative IP solutions. Commended for her being diligent, competent, knowledgeable, and friendly, her strategic insight is benefiting businesses in Colombia.

Jorge Chávarro

Jorge Chávarro operates from Cavelier Abogados, where he exhibits in-depth knowledge of protected geographical indications. His clients feel well supported and protected owing to his accurate advice and unconditional support.

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J Ian Raisbeck

Praised by market commentators for being a highly competent IP lawyer, J Ian Raisbeck of Raisbeck & Castro is a valuable asset to clients seeking IP advisory in Colombia.

Camilo Suárez

Highlighted for his robust IP practice, Camilo Suárez from Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría continuously proves his merit, handling contentious IP mandates to provide optimal services to his clients.

Mauricio Patiño Bonnet

Mauricio Patiño Bonnet leads the IP sector at Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría. Commended for his professionalism and swift service, he provides timely and accurate IP solutions.

Felipe Acosta

Known for his extensive knowledge of IP matters, Felipe Acosta of OlarteMoure focuses on meeting his clients’ needs, earning him widespread praise.

Andrés Rincón

Andrés Rincón of Cavelier Abogados is endorsed for his excellent understanding of patent-related topics and his ability to align his efforts with business growth.

Maria Fernanda Castellanos

Operating from Gamboa, García & Cardona Abogados, Maria Fernanda Castellanos guides her clients through IP infringement disputes, using her wealth of experience, commercial acumen, and strong technical knowledge.

Graciela Melo-Sarmiento

While having no corporate backing, Graciela Melo-Sarmiento runs her solo practice, specializing in copyright cases. Vouched for her solid experience, Graciela Melo-Sarmiento’s expertise reinforces her strong presence in Colombia’s IP market.

Carlos R Olarte

Carlos R Olarte, an outstanding partner at OlarteMoure, advises on patent issues, drawing on his strategic knowledge, technical IP expertise, and ability to identify how new legal developments could impact his client’s business.

In conclusion, as intellectual property becomes an increasingly critical asset, the need for competent legal professionals to handle related matters becomes more pronounced. These ten lawyers are setting the pace in the field of IP law in Colombia, defining best practices, and driving changes. Their knowledge, experience, and innovation are playing a significant role in shaping Colombia’s IP legal landscape.

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