Canada’s Top 10 Aboriginal Lawyers Championing Indigenous Peoples Rights in 2023

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In Canada, the field of Aboriginal Law concerns the legal recognition and establishment of rights for Indigenous communities encompassing issues of governance, rights, titles, and economic development. An ecosystem of committed professionals has evolved with specialist lawyers who represent these communities, ensuring that their voices are heard and safeguarded in legal disputes, negotiations, and policy-making initiatives. In this article, we profile some of the standout practitioners in this field, shedding light on their vast expertise and relentless dedication to serving Indigenous peoples across the country of Canada.

These lawyers have a wide pool of legal experience, whether it’s representing Indigenous communities in critical legislative matters, the negotiation of native land claims, or judicial recourse for treaty violations. They provide counsel on economic development, manage regulatory engagement, and oversee the implementation of impactful benefit agreements. They are known for their nuanced understanding of the customs and principles of First Nations and their commitment to protecting Indigenous rights and promoting social justice.

In their pursuit of justice, these individuals represent the Indigenous communities in litigation, class actions, and treaty negotiations and advise on matters such as environmental assessment and protection, arbitration, mediation, regulatory matters, and resource management. Let’s take a closer look at these influential practitioners:

Allan Donovan

Associated with First Peoples Law, Allan Donovan has a reputation built on a broad practice in representing Indigenous peoples in governance, litigation and, rights, and title matters. With a wealth of experience before courts and the Indian Claims Commission, Allan recently joined First Peoples Law after a merger with his original firm, Donovan & Company Barristers and Solicitors.

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Brenda Gaertner

Brenda Gaertner, a Vancouver-based lawyer at Mandell Pinder LLP, represents First Nations governments. Besides offering counsel on economic development and Aboriginal title and rights, Brenda has significant experience in natural resource management.

Karey Brooks

Partnering with JFK Law LLP, Karey Brooks is a rising practitioner with a firm footing in Aboriginal law. She signifies her expertise through her successful representation of First Nations in treaty infringement cases and infrastructure project negotiations.

Maxime Faille

Maxime Faille, a celebrated lawyer at Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP, utilizes his wide-ranging experience in representing Indigenous clients in litigation, class actions, and treaty negotiations.

Brian Crane KC

At Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP, Brian Crane KC is a highly regarded Aboriginal law practitioner. Known for his representation of Indigenous clients in disputes, he also advises on arbitration, mediation, and the negotiation of native land claims.

Bruce McIvor

From the esteemed firm First Peoples Law, Bruce McIvor is a proficient Vancouver-based lawyer known for his counsel on issues related to Aboriginal title claims and treaty violations.

Robert Janes KC

Robert Janes KC from JFK Law LLP is a leading figure in representing Aboriginal groups. His areas include Aboriginal title and rights cases and environmental law, coupled with expertise in regulatory and litigation matters.

Merle C Alexander

Operating from Miller Titerle + Company LLP, Merle Alexander specializes in Indigenous resource law, dealing with an array of issues concerning Aboriginal law including regulatory engagement and impact benefit agreements.

Nancy Kleer

Based at Olthuis Kleer Townshend, Nancy Kleer provides legal representation for Indigenous clients in mining and mineral exploration matters. She also contributes her expertise in environmental protection and assessment.

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Renée Pelletier

Renée Pelletier, based in Toronto and currently operating as managing partner of Olthuis Kleer Townshend, has a strong history of representing Indigenous clients on environmental law and treaty rights litigation.

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