Breakthrough Funding Fuels Innovation in Cryopreservation: What You Need to Know

Discover how CryoLogyx's groundbreaking cryopreservation method is poised to transform the biomedical landscape.

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Key Takeaways:

  • CryoLogyx secures £500k seed funding from UK business angels and the Wider Oxford Technology Angel Network to advance cryopreserved cell technology.
  • The investment will support the commercialization of innovative cryopreserved cells for drug discovery, diagnostics, and cell therapy applications.
  • CryoLogyx’s proprietary technology promises to revolutionize research efficiency and accelerate the development of life-saving diagnostics and therapies.

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing biomedical research, CryoLogyx, a pioneering spinout from the University of Warwick, has successfully concluded a £500k seed funding round. This funding, spearheaded by private UK business angels and the Wider Oxford Technology Angel Network (WOTAN), marks a crucial milestone in the advancement of cryopreserved cell technology. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking development and its implications for the future of life sciences.

CryoLogyx: Redefining Cell Technology

Founded in 2020 by CEO Dr. Tom Congdon and CSO Prof. Matt Gibson, CryoLogyx emerges as a frontrunner in the realm of cryopreservation, offering a game-changing approach to cell preservation. The company’s proprietary method, developed after over a decade of research, introduces a unique cryoprotectant technology, Cryoshield™. This innovation significantly mitigates post-thaw damage, enabling the direct use of viable cells within 24 hours of freezing.

Expanding Horizons with Seed Funding

The recent infusion of £500k GBP investment is poised to catapult CryoLogyx into a new phase of growth and innovation. This funding, facilitated by UK business angels and WOTAN, signifies a resounding vote of confidence in CryoLogyx’s vision and technological prowess. Dr. Congdon expressed gratitude, stating, “We are grateful to our business angel investors and WOTAN for their confidence and continued support in the company’s growth.”

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Key Applications and Implications

CryoLogyx’s breakthrough cryopreservation technology holds immense promise across various domains, including drug discovery, diagnostics, and cell therapy. By offering assay-ready, cryopreserved cells optimized for in vitro research, CryoLogyx aims to streamline laboratory workflows, saving researchers valuable time and resources. Moreover, the enhanced reproducibility facilitated by CryoLogyx’s solutions could catalyze the development of new screening technologies and automation in drug discovery.

Driving Efficiency and Accelerating Discoveries

Dr. Tim Hart, Director of Warwick Innovations, underscores the transformative potential of CryoLogyx’s technology, stating, “It’s a truly remarkable technology with the potential to significantly reduce the experimental burden on researchers and expedite the discovery of lifesaving diagnostics and therapies.” Indeed, CryoLogyx’s innovative approach has already demonstrated its efficacy, enabling researchers to condense month-long projects into mere days.

Charting a Path Forward

Buoyed by the recent funding injection, CryoLogyx is poised to expand its operations, scale up production, and bolster its research and development initiatives. Additionally, the company aims to strengthen its foothold in the UK and European markets while exploring avenues for global partnerships. With an unwavering commitment to advancing biomedical research, CryoLogyx is set to showcase its latest innovations at ELRIG Research & Innovation 2024, underscoring its pivotal role in shaping the future of life sciences.


The culmination of CryoLogyx’s £500k seed funding round marks a watershed moment in the realm of cryopreserved cell technology. With a steadfast focus on innovation and a commitment to empowering researchers, CryoLogyx is poised to redefine the landscape of biomedical research. As the company continues to chart new frontiers, the possibilities for transformative discoveries in drug development, diagnostics, and beyond are indeed limitless.

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