Breaking the Delay Cycle: The Revolutionary Platform Promising Timely Software Deliveries

Haystack Unveils Groundbreaking Solution to Tackle Chronic Software Project Delays Concerning Business Leaders

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Key Takeaways:

  • Alarming Trend: 70% of software projects reportedly fail to meet deadlines, despite high importance placed on timely delivery by developers.
  • Business Leaders’ Concerns: 89% of U.S. business leaders are worried about on-time software project delivery in their organizations.
  • Innovative Solution: Haystack introduces a Software Delivery Ops Platform, leveraging real-time data to prevent project delays.

A Persistent Challenge in Software Development

Software project delays have become a pervasive issue in the industry, with 70% of projects failing to be delivered on time. This is in stark contrast to the 83% of developers who consider on-time completion crucial. The disparity between the importance of timely delivery and the actual delivery outcomes has been a long-standing concern for both developers and business leaders.

Haystack’s Bold Move

In response to this challenge, Haystack has launched its Software Delivery Ops Platform. This platform is designed to ensure the delivery of high-quality software within set timelines. Haystack’s initiative comes after extensive research and analysis of data from thousands of engineering teams.

Business Leaders and the On-Time Delivery Dilemma

A significant percentage of U.S. business leaders (90%) report that on-time delivery is a key factor in evaluating software engineering performance. Despite this emphasis, a worrying 89% are concerned about the timely delivery of software projects in their organizations.

The Data-Driven Solution

Haystack’s approach is unique in its reliance on analyzing millions of data points to identify risks affecting on-time delivery. The platform provides early warning signs of potential delays, allowing software teams to take proactive measures.

Julian Colina’s Vision for Software Delivery

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Julian Colina, CEO of Haystack, commented on the widespread issue of delayed software projects. He emphasized that Haystack’s platform transforms data into decisive actions, aiming to significantly reduce the high project delay rate.

Beyond Traditional Methods

Unlike traditional solutions that rely on subjective surveys, Haystack’s platform integrates directly into development tools like Git and Jira. This integration allows for real-time monitoring of project progress, eliminating the need for time-consuming surveys and reducing biases.

CTO Kan Yilmaz’s Perspective

Kan Yilmaz, CTO of Haystack, highlighted the transformative nature of their platform. He stressed the importance of changing the narrative around software delivery, from focusing on delays to celebrating on-time launches.

Haystack’s Foundation and Support

Founded in 2020 by Julian Colina and Kan Yilmaz, Haystack has quickly gained recognition and support. The company is backed by notable entities like Founders Club, Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Entrepreneur First, and investors Dan Siroker and Blaine Vess.


Haystack’s introduction of the Software Delivery Ops Platform represents a significant step in addressing the chronic issue of software project delays. By providing real-time, data-driven insights, Haystack aims to empower software teams to deliver projects on time, enhancing business productivity and developer satisfaction.

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