Breaking News: Major Real Estate Player Ventures into Affordable Premium Housing Segment

One United Properties S.A. Diversifies Portfolio with Innovative Housing Initiative

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Key Takeaways:

  • One United Properties S.A. expands its portfolio with a strategic land acquisition, marking its entry into the affordable premium housing market.
  • The new development aims to provide high-quality living conditions while maintaining affordability, targeting the upper tier of Bucharest’s residential mass market.
  • With plans for approximately 5,000 units, the project is expected to set new standards for urban regeneration and community development in Bucharest.

Exploring New Frontiers: One United Properties Ventures into Affordable Premium Housing

In a groundbreaking move, One United Properties S.A., a prominent player in the real estate sector, has announced its foray into the affordable premium housing segment with the acquisition of a strategic land parcel in Bucharest. This strategic initiative marks a significant expansion of the company’s portfolio and underscores its commitment to addressing evolving market needs while upholding its reputation for excellence in design and quality.

Setting a New Standard: Affordable Premium Housing Development

The newly acquired land, spanning 21 hectares and strategically located near key amenities such as parks and public transport hubs, will serve as the canvas for One United Properties’ latest venture. The development, envisioned as a self-sustainable neighborhood, is poised to redefine the concept of affordable premium housing in Bucharest. With plans for approximately 5,000 units, the project aims to strike a delicate balance between affordability and quality, offering residents an unparalleled living experience within the city’s vibrant landscape.

Creating Vibrant Communities: A Vision for Urban Regeneration

Driven by a commitment to sustainable growth and community development, One United Properties aims to breathe new life into the heart of Bucharest with its latest endeavor. The project, reminiscent of previous successful developments such as One Floreasca City and One Cotroceni Park, will serve as a catalyst for urban regeneration, transforming neglected areas into thriving hubs of activity. By infusing the neighborhood with premium yet affordable housing options, the company seeks to foster vibrant communities that contribute to the city’s cultural and economic fabric.

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Embracing Market Trends: Adapting to Changing Consumer Preferences

The decision to venture into the affordable premium housing segment reflects One United Properties’ astute understanding of evolving market dynamics and consumer preferences. With urbanization on the rise and an increasing number of dual-income families seeking convenient yet affordable housing solutions, the company is strategically positioned to cater to this growing demand. By offering premium products at competitive prices, One United Properties aims to meet the needs of discerning buyers while driving sustainable growth and urban development.


One United Properties’ bold expansion into the affordable premium housing segment signifies a new chapter in the company’s journey towards innovation and growth. By combining affordability with quality and sustainability, the company is poised to redefine the residential landscape of Bucharest while making a lasting impact on the communities it serves.

For more information about One United Properties S.A., visit: One United Properties

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