Breaking Barriers: A New Era of Inclusion in the Workplace with Talking Talent’s New CEO

Dr Mary-Clare Race Leads the Charge in DE&I Transformation at Talking Talent

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Key Takeaways:

  1. New Leadership at Talking Talent: Dr Mary-Clare Race takes over as CEO, bringing nearly two decades of expertise in DE&I and organizational behavior.
  2. Legacy of Success: Talking Talent, co-founded by Chris Parke and Jo Lyon, has significantly impacted over 85,000 people in the workplace with their coaching programs.
  3. Innovative DE&I Strategies: Dr Race’s leadership aims to further Talking Talent’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, empowering individuals and organizations globally.

Introduction: Charting a New Course in DE&I

Talking Talent’s Bold New Leadership

Talking Talent, a prominent global consulting firm known for fostering inclusive workplace cultures, has announced a transformative change in leadership. Dr Mary-Clare Race, an expert in organizational behavior and DE&I strategies, steps in as the new CEO.

Dr Mary-Clare Race: A Visionary Leader

A Career Dedicated to Inclusion and Improvement

Global Impact and Expertise

Dr Race’s remarkable career spans four continents, where she has facilitated significant business improvements for major organizations like Barclays and Goldman Sachs. Her expertise in DE&I has also been pivotal in advising government bodies and academic institutions.

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Research and Thought Leadership

Contributions to DE&I Knowledge

Dr Race’s research has been published in prestigious journals, and her insights are regularly featured in industry-leading publications. Her role as a board advisor and lecturer further solidifies her standing as a leading figure in the DE&I space.

The Legacy of Talking Talent

Pioneering Inclusive Workplace Cultures

Impactful Coaching Programs

Founded in 2005 by Chris Parke and Jo Lyon, Talking Talent has developed award-winning coaching programs. These initiatives have supported over 85,000 individuals, helping them reach their potential in diverse workplace environments.

A Global Reach

Enhancing Organizational Performance

With a client roster that includes Disney, NatWest, and Lloyds Bank, Talking Talent’s influence extends globally. Their work has not only increased job performance by 56% but also saved millions in retention costs through reducing staff turnover risks.

The Keystones Approach: Revolutionizing DE&I

Dr Race’s Innovative Strategy

Addressing Critical Workplace Challenges

Under Dr Race’s guidance, Talking Talent has developed the ‘Keystones Approach,’ a comprehensive strategy focusing on the key challenges within workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. This approach is set to revolutionize how organizations address DE&I.

The Future Under Dr Race’s Leadership

Empowering People and Organizations

Fostering a Connected and Inclusive World

Dr Race’s vision for Talking Talent is to empower both individuals and organizations to thrive in an inclusive environment. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing overlooked talents and fixing organizational systems to enhance inclusivity.

Expanding Talking Talent’s Influence

Building on a Strong Foundation

With Dr Race at the helm, Talking Talent is poised to expand its impact and lead the next generation of DE&I initiatives. Her leadership marks a pivotal moment in the industry, promising to drive further innovation and inclusivity in workplaces worldwide.

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Conclusion: A New Chapter in Workplace Inclusion

In conclusion, Dr Mary-Clare Race’s appointment as CEO of Talking Talent heralds a new era in workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her expertise and innovative approaches promise to build upon the firm’s legacy, empowering individuals and transforming organizations to create a more inclusive world.

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