Belgium’s Top 10 Influential Planning & Environment Lawyers in 2023 Explored

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In the intricate world of Planning & Environment Law, Belgium boasts an array of skilled and experienced practitioners. These legal professionals navigate complex cases involving urban planning, zoning issues, environmental regulations, and development projects. Armed with extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field, they are able to adequately support and represent various stakeholders, from public and private sectors to regional and municipal authorities. In this article, we highlight ten of these eminent Belgian Planning & Environment lawyers who have made a significant impact in their practice.

Belgium’s Planning & Environment legal landscape requires both deep understanding of technical regulations and the ability to navigate complex political and societal considerations. Furthermore, the implementation of European Union directives into domestic law adds an additional layer of complexity. The lawyers we spotlight here have not only proven their extensive knowledge and application of Belgium and EU laws, but also demonstrated strategic thinking in their approach to intricate Planning & Environment disputes.

From negotiating environmental permits and zoning laws to advising on multi-million-dollar contracts for renewable energy projects, these lawyers have showcased their abilities in their respective fields. The list includes lawyers from leading firms such as Allen & Overy LLP, LDR Advocaten in Omgevingsrecht, Stibbe, Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick and Linklaters amongst others.

Gauthier van Thuyne

Known for his work on planning and zoning issues, Gauthier van Thuyne is a seasoned Planning & Environment lawyer from renowned firm Allen & Overy LLP. Notably, he frequently advises on permitting mandates and ensures environmental law compliance, including compliance with EU regulations. His diligent application of laws and his strategic insight offer reliable support and make him a vital asset in the Planning & Environment sector.

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Isabelle Larmuseau

Based at LDR Advocaten in Omgevingsrecht, Isabelle Larmuseau offers valuable legal assistance to regional and municipal authorities and developers. With her understanding of environmental permitting law and urban planning matters, she delivers exceptional representation and counsel to her clients.

Jacques Sambon

Jacques Sambon is a key figure at Coteaux, where he showcases his proficiency in contentious matters in the Planning & Environment sector. His expertise includes advising public authorities and environmental organisations on planning, zoning, and development matters.

Filip De Preter and Dominique Devos

At Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick, Filip De Preter and Dominique Devos are prominent Planning & Environment lawyers. Filip De Preter assists with contractual and site expansion disputes, often representing multinational clients in the energy and manufacturing industries. On the other hand, Dominique Devos aids both public and private sector clients with issues related to waste management, project developments, zoning permits and handles a variety of environmental disputes.

Jan Bouckaert and France Maussion

Stibbe houses Planning & Environment experts Jan Bouckaert and France Maussion. Jan Bouckaert expresses an outstanding knowledge of a variety of planning and environment matters including waste regulation, development project planning aspects and permitting issues. France Maussion assists clients with environmental permitting issues, town planning and project developments, making her a key resource in this field.

Michel Delnoy

As part of Explane, Michel Delnoy dispenses insightful advice on environmental and administrative law matters, marking his notable presence in the Planning & Environment Law domain.

Pascal Mallien

Pascal Mallien of Baker McKenzie plays a crucial role in public procurements and litigious processes in the Planning & Environment sector.

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Lieve Swartenbroux

Last but not least, Lieve Swartenbroux of Linklaters is an expert at managing project financing for renewable energy projects. Additionally, she offers trusted advice on planning law matters, all of which are integral to infrastructure projects.

Each showcased lawyer’s contribution to the intricacies of Planning & Environment Law in Belgium cannot be overstated. Their unparalleled expertise and proficiency in handling complex cases have made them a valuable asset to their respective firms and clients.

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