A Revolutionary Leap Forward: New €32M Seed Fund Set to Tackle World’s Biggest Challenges

Unlocking the Future of Climate, Education, and Healthcare Solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tilia Impact Ventures successfully closes €26 million for its ambitious second fund.
  • Major players, including the European Investment Fund and Česká spořitelna Bank, back the impactful mission.
  • A focused investment strategy targets climate solutions, education, healthcare, and more.

A New Dawn for Impact Investments in CEE

In the thriving heart of Prague, Tilia Impact Ventures has unveiled a game-changing initiative. This leading Czech seed-stage impact venture capital firm is turbocharging the Central and Eastern European startup landscape with its groundbreaking €32 million seed fund.

Scaling Impact: More Than Just Funding

This isn’t just about money. It’s about mission, dedication, and transformation. As Andrew Gray, one of the guiding lights of the venture, puts it, the focus is on “systemic change.” Instead of applying a temporary patch to systemic issues, Tilia aims to redefine industries.

Silke Horáková, echoing this sentiment, highlighted the evolution from the firm’s inaugural fund, “We’ve seen a surge in visionary changemakers. The potential is vast; our aim is to catalyze it.”

Unwavering Support: Industry Stalwarts & Business Tycoons Rally Behind Tilia

Overcoming a challenging fundraising climate, Tilia secured backing from some of the most influential players in the European landscape. The European Investment Fund (EIF), backed by the ambitious InvestEU programme, stands out alongside significant commitment from Česká spořitelna Bank.

Moreover, Tilia’s vision has resonated with some of Czech’s pioneering business minds. From RSJ’s stalwarts to the innovators at LINET and Credo, the support has been overwhelming, emphasizing the fund’s promise and potential.

Brace for Impact: A Celebration of Change and Potential

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To kick off this transformative journey, Tilia orchestrated an event that will be remembered for years. “Brace for Impact” was not just a gathering. It was a clarion call for change, bringing together a community dedicated to shaping the future.

Crafting a New Tomorrow: Investment Avenues

Beyond just capital injection, Tilia Impact Ventures is all about creating ripples of change. The balanced investment approach is a testament to their holistic vision:

  • Climate & Sustainability: From decarbonizing the grid to promoting sustainable food production and championing the circular economy.
  • Education & Training: A spotlight on EdTech and bridging skills gaps.
  • Social Inclusion & Civic Empowerment: Creating opportunities and fostering transparency.
  • Health & Wellbeing: A focus on access, MedTech innovations, mental health, and preventive care.

A Legacy of Change: Tracing Tilia’s Impactful Journey

Tilia is no newcomer to the world of impact investments. From initiatives counteracting food wastage to championing alternative education models, their inaugural fund has been at the forefront of creating palpable change.

Petr Vitek, another key figure at Tilia, captures this essence beautifully, “We’ve witnessed a wave of tech talent, and now, they’re channeling their genius towards global challenges. We’re here to propel them.”

The A-Team: Pioneers at the Helm of Tilia Impact Ventures

With a unique blend of experience and expertise:

  • Silke Horáková: A confluence of legal acumen and passionate dedication.
  • Petr Vítek: An extensive background in consultancy, mentoring, and non-profit leadership.
  • Pavel Petřek: A tech visionary with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Andrew Gray: A global change-maker driven by meaningful transformation.

InvestEU: Fuelling the European Vision

The InvestEU programme stands as a beacon of European Union’s commitment to a sustainable recovery. By mobilizing extensive private investments, it aims to transform the landscape, focusing on the European Green Deal and the digital transition.

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Conclusion: A Journey Awaits

Tilia Impact Ventures, with its unwavering mission and unparalleled support, is primed to usher in an era of transformation. The challenges are immense, but with firms like Tilia taking the lead, the future looks promising indeed.

For further details and insights, reach out to Andrew Gray, General Partner. Let’s take a step towards a brighter, better tomorrow.

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