A Revolution in Soundwaves: Unleashing the Untapped Potential of Women in Tech

The Launch of "The Other Half" Podcast Aims to Retain and Empower Female Talent in the Tech Industry

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Key Takeaways:

  • “The Other Half” podcast, a groundbreaking series for women in tech, tackles real-life challenges and offers actionable insights.
  • Despite contributing immensely to the tech world, about 50% of women leave tech careers by age 35, a trend this podcast aims to reverse.
  • The podcast features influential tech figures sharing personal experiences, challenges, and strategies for success.

Introducing A Voice for the Voiceless

In the bustling, innovative world of technology, a new sound emerges. It’s not the usual clamor of coding marathons or product launches but rather, a voice – “The Other Half.” It is a podcast designed to breach the silence, unveil the untold stories, and illuminate the often overlooked journey of women in the tech space.

Breaking the Silence

A Safe Space to Share and Grow

The podcast, aptly named “The Other Half,” is not just an auditory experience but a sanctuary. It’s a place where stories unfold, where the trials and triumphs of female tech enthusiasts, professionals, and entrepreneurs come to light. Hosted by the passionate Gerisha Nadaraju and Josephine Conneely, this series aims to echo the silent whispers, the muted challenges, and the quiet victories of women in tech.

A Journey through Real Stories

The mission is not just to narrate but to transform, to change the alarming statistic that sees 50% of women exiting their tech careers by the age of 35. Each episode is a tapestry woven with real experiences, insightful lessons, and empowering narratives designed to uplift, inspire, and retain female talent in a sector often marked by its masculinity.

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Episodes that Resonate

Tackling Diverse Challenges

From the intricate dance of navigating pregnancy as a founder to the artistry of building confidence in a competitive field, “The Other Half” promises a diverse, rich, and enlightening experience. Every episode is a journey through the minds and lives of women who have not just survived but thrived, carving niches of excellence, innovation, and leadership.

Guests that Inspire

With speakers like Tracy Young, the formidable founder and CEO at TigerEye, and other influential figures from companies like Bumble and Alipay UK, each session is a blend of personal narratives, professional insights, and actionable strategies. It’s a dialogue designed to change the narrative, alter the statistics, and empower the next wave of female tech leaders.

The Mission Beyond the Soundwaves

Bridging the Gender Gap

“The Other Half” is more than a podcast; it’s a movement. It’s a clarion call to the tech industry and beyond, highlighting not just the challenges faced by women but their immeasurable contributions. Each story, insight, and piece of advice is a stepping stone towards a future where gender disparity in tech becomes a narrative of the past.

Empowering the Future

The mission is monumental yet simple – inspire and empower. Every episode, every voice, and every story is a catalyst propelling female tech professionals and enthusiasts towards a future marked by equality, opportunity, and recognition. It’s a narrative of change, echoing the silent yet powerful revolution unfolding in the tech space.

The Unstoppable Wave

In the world where codes transform ideas into innovations, and innovations into revolutions, “The Other Half” stands as a testament to the untapped, often overlooked potential of women in tech. It’s not just a podcast but a beacon, illuminating the paths of aspiring female tech enthusiasts, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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A Call to Action

As the tech world burgeons, expanding its horizons, inclusivity and diversity stand as pillars of untapped innovation. “The Other Half” is not just to be heard but to be acted upon. It is a narrative awaiting its continuation, a story to be written not just by the incredible women featured but by every listener, advocate, and supporter of women in tech.

The Beginning of A New Era

As the inaugural season of “The Other Half” graces the airwaves, a silent yet potent revolution stirs. Every episode, every voice, and every story is a clarion call echoing within and beyond the tech space. It’s a call for recognition, equality, and empowerment, beckoning the industry towards an era where the narrative is not marked by gender disparity but by united, diverse, and inclusive innovation.


“The Other Half” is not just an addition to the plethora of tech podcasts available today; it stands in its unique echelon. It’s a source of inspiration, a platform of empowerment, and a narrative of transformation. Every episode aims to change the daunting statistic of women leaving tech, heralding an era of equality, innovation, and united excellence. In the silent corridors of the tech world, amidst codes and innovations, a new sound emerges – a sound of change, empowerment, and unyielding potential. It’s the voice of “The Other Half,” a narrative that is not just to be heard but to be lived, exemplified, and propagated in the unfolding chapters of tech innovation.

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