2023’s Top 10 Power Players in Chile’s Environmental Water Rights Law

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Water law is one of the most influential areas of environmental law in Chile, given the country’s geography and climate. Given the importance of this practice area, it’s no surprise that Chile is home to numerous exceptional attorneys specialising in the intricacies of water rights. These attorneys balance the needs of various stakeholders, including corporations, communities, and the local ecosystem. Their work is vital for sustainable development and plays a critical role in shaping Chile’s future. This article will illuminate the remarkable contributions of several Chilean lawyers who specialise in water rights.

There are undoubtedly numerous talented lawyers who specialise in this highly specialised field. However, some consistently receive strong commendations from peers, clients, and market observers due to their legal prowess, understanding of the market, negotiation skills, and commitment to ensuring the law appropriately interprets water rights. As such, these top-tier legal professionals deserve special recognition.

We will explore the work, credentials, and contributions of ten of Chile’s foremost experts on water rights law. These accomplished professionals have helped shape the current state of water rights in Chile, and their continued efforts will help form the country’s future landscape when it comes to water policy and legislation.

Matías Desmadryl

Matías Desmadryl of Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría receives high praises for his proficiency in water rights matters. Demonstrating expertise in giving accurate, specific, and timely advice, he is widely recognized in the industry and enjoys commendations from clients for his unparalleled mastery of the field.

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Hipólito Zañartu Rosselot

Hipólito Zañartu Rosselot from SLBZ Abogados is renowned for both, his practical work and academic contributions in the field of water rights. He is praised as an holistic and respected attorney handling sophisticated tasks with finesse.

Alberto Cardemil

Praised as an excellent professional and an analytical problem-solver with exceptionally good negotiation skills, Alberto Cardemil from Carey law firm, remains a leading figure in Chile’s water rights law. His innovative approaches have earned him much acclaim from peers and clients alike.

Alberto Guzmán

Despite not having a firm website, Alberto Guzmán’s tenure at Guzmán & Cía Abogados exhibits his dedication to the practice of water rights, earning him solid praise from commentators on his work.

Nicolás Cannoni

Partner at Aylwin Estudio, Nicolás Cannoni is a rising star in the domain of environmental law. He is highly regarded for advising on water rights matters, leading to notable acclaim from industry insiders.

Francisco Echeverría

An expert in water extraction mandates and judicial claim-related proceedings, Francisco Echeverría of H2O Abogados is turning heads with his vast knowledge of water rights law in Chile.

Carlos Ciappa

A law scholar from ICC Abogados, Carlos Ciappa, is praised for his specialised understanding of the water rights landscape in Chile. His dedication to clients and his insightful knowledge has earned him notable admiration from clients.

Gonzalo Arévalo Cunich

Gonzalo Arévalo Cunich of Aylwin Estudio enjoys high respect in the legal community for his longstanding involvement in Chile’s water rights industry. He is regarded as an esteemed specialist who deserves special recognition for his contributions.

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José Ignacio Morán

The experienced partner at Dentons Larraín Rencoret SpA, José Ignacio Morán , gets plenty of acknowledgment for his agile and creative legal thinking in the water rights law. Highlighted for his keen eye for details and ability to see the big picture, José Ignacio Morán is likely to continue influencing this realm in the future.

Gonzalo Muñoz Escudero

With hands-on advisory experience for companies in Chile’s electricity and sanitation industries, Gonzalo Muñoz Escudero of Vergara y Cía has a sound practical knowledge. He holds expertise in managing water rights transfers, litigation, and due diligence matters and is widely acclaimed in the industry.

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