2023’s Top 10 Most Influential Tax Litigation Lawyers in Brazil

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In the complex and ever-evolving world of tax law, having a skilled and experienced litigation lawyer is vital. In Brazil, the tax industry has a vast array of proficient professionals, who stand out in their field. With expertise encompassing direct and indirect taxes, international taxation, transactional matters, and business tax efficiency, these diligent practitioners are the backbone of the Brazilian legal fraternity.

These authoritative individuals are not just well-versed in tax laws but also cover a diverse range of disputes related to corporate taxation, social security mandates, and cross-border mandates. Their wide scope of practice enables them to tackle the forefront of tax litigation with unparalleled finesse, setting them apart from their peers.

Let’s delve deeper into the profiles of some of Brazil’s leading tax litigation lawyers, who have earned their reputation through hard work, dedication, and an in-depth understanding of their field. Their individual expertise in handling high-profile cases has positioned them as key figures in the Brazilian legal industry.

Bruno Fajersztajn

Firm: Mariz de Oliveira e Siqueira Campos Advogados
Renowned for his knowledge of direct tax and experience with international taxation, Bruno Fajersztajn is a distinguished partner in the firm. His main areas of expertise include transactional matters and indirect tax issues.

Luiz Roberto Peroba Barbosa

Firm: Pinheiro Neto Advogados
An expert in tax efficiency, Luiz Roberto Peroba Barbosa advises clients on various tax aspects of setting up different business models in Brazil, and assists with the implications of transactions, including M&A.

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Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos

Firm: Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados
Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos co-heads the tax department and is known for his commendable work on social security mandates, displaying proficient tax litigation skills.

Antonio Carlos Guidoni Filho

Firm: Vella Pugliese Buosi e Guidoni Advogados
As head of the tax department, Antonio Carlos Guidoni Filho’s longstanding practice enables him to handle tax planning mandates impeccably, and he is also adept at dealing with the tax implications of corporate transactions.

Valter de Souza Lobato

Firm: Sacha Calmon – Misabel Derzi Consultores e Advogados
Valter de Souza Lobato is known for assisting clients with corporate taxation, including matters related to income tax and social security contributions, and handling the tax aspects of deals.

Leo Krakowiak

Firm: Krakowiak Advogados
Leo Krakowiak has established an impeccable reputation due to his proficiency in handling sophisticated tax disputes, positioning him as a dominant figure in the market.

Maria Rita Ferragut

Firm: Trench Rossi Watanabe
Maria Rita Ferragut is commended for her skills in handling judicial disputes arising from different tax matters. Her expertise stems from a strong academic background.

Roberto Quiroga Mosquera

Firm: Mattos Filho
A highly praised tax litigation expert, Roberto Quiroga Mosquera has a stellar reputation in the field, with a focus on administrative litigation before CARF.

Mauricio de Carvalho Silveira Bueno

Firm: HRSA | Sociedade de Advogados
Mauricio de Carvalho Silveira Bueno advises companies on a diverse range of disputes, including those arising from indirect and direct taxes. He has experience in both judicial and administrative tax litigation.

Diogo Ferraz

Firm: FreitasLeite
Diogo Ferraz has impressed clients with his attention to their needs, his accessibility, and his comprehensive knowledge of their business. He has experience in various taxes and disputes, including goodwill amortisation and international taxation.

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