20% and Rising: Girls in ICT Day Shines Spotlight on Women in Tech

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Key Takeaways:

  • Only 20% of tech startups are founded by women, according to recent research.
  • Girls in ICT Day celebrates the theme of ‘Digital Skills for Life’ to improve female representation in the technology sector.
  • Bridging the gender gap in STEM careers starts with education and ongoing support.

Empowering Women in Tech: Girls in ICT Day

Today, Girls in ICT Day celebrates the theme of ‘Digital Skills for Life,’ aiming to inspire and empower women in the technology sector. However, the event takes place against the disheartening backdrop of recent research, which reveals that only 20% of tech startups are founded by women. This statistic serves as a reminder of the pressing need to bridge the gender gap in STEM careers, starting from an educational level.

Promoting Female Representation: A Continuous Journey

Girls in ICT Day, focusing on ‘Digital Skills for Life,’ serves as an opportunity to spark interest in the tech sector and emphasize the importance of female representation in ICT. It highlights the ongoing and continuous effort required to ensure that diversity and inclusion remain at the forefront of the industry’s agenda. Sheila Flavell CBE, Chief Operating Officer for FDM Group, emphasizes the significance of inspiring women in tech from an educational level and carrying this support throughout their careers.

Flavell states, “With the ever-changing digital landscape, it is important for businesses to build a highly skilled, diverse workforce that can maximize new technologies to drive business efficiencies.” Achieving this goal necessitates organizations’ support of education, providing graduate schemes and highlighting the opportunities available in the tech sector for women.

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Closing the Gap: FDM Group’s Initiatives

FDM Group, a leader in providing technical skills and commercial experience, has taken proactive steps to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry. The company recently hosted the Everywoman in Tech Awards 2023, the 50:50 Vision event, and the SheLivesTech bootcamp. These initiatives aim to empower women pursuing tech careers by providing coding skills and mentorship opportunities.

The concerted efforts by FDM Group and other organizations play a crucial role in creating a supportive ecosystem for women in tech. By offering resources, training, and mentorship, these initiatives help equip women with the necessary skills and support to thrive in the digital era.

Digital Skills Gap in the UK

The focus on digital skills extends beyond gender disparity in the tech industry. Research from the AWS Global Digital Skills Study highlights that 92% of workers in the UK face barriers in developing their digital skills. Moreover, two-thirds of the UK workforce express the desire to improve their digital skills within the next two years.

Additionally, a report from Lloyds Bank has revealed that approximately 10 million people in the UK lack basic digital skills. This significant digital skills gap acts as a barrier to education, job applications, digital healthcare, online banking, and other essential digital capabilities.

Addressing the Skills Gap: FDM Group’s Commitment

FDM Group recognizes the criticality of digital skills development and is committed to addressing the digital skills gap in the UK. By providing award-winning training and equipping individuals with relevant technical skills and commercial experience, FDM Group empowers its consultants to thrive in the digital age. The company offers flexible contract terms, enabling the provision of scalable resources across multiple client sites.

Furthermore, FDM Group continues to support its consultants throughout their assignments by providing professional and technical support. This comprehensive approach ensures that consultants receive ongoing guidance and training, allowing them to excel in their chosen careers.

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Through their initiatives like the Everywoman in Tech Awards, the 50:50 Vision event, and the SheLivesTech bootcamp, FDM Group demonstrates their commitment to closing the digital skills gap and empowering individuals to thrive in the technology sector. By providing coding skills and mentorship sessions, FDM Group helps women build confidence and expertise, enabling them to excel in their tech careers.

Building a Skilled and Digitally Literate Workforce

The digital skills gap poses a significant challenge not only for individuals but also for businesses and the economy as a whole. With the rapid advancement of technology, having a highly skilled and digitally literate workforce is essential for companies to remain competitive and drive innovation.

Organizations across industries need to invest in upskilling their workforce and providing access to quality training programs. By addressing the digital skills gap and fostering a culture of continuous learning, businesses can ensure their employees are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape.

Collaboration for Success

Closing the gender gap in the tech industry and addressing the digital skills gap requires collaboration between educational institutions, businesses, industry leaders, and policymakers. It is crucial to create an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages women to pursue careers in technology and provides them with the necessary resources and opportunities to succeed.

Partnerships between companies like FDM Group and educational institutions play a vital role in promoting digital literacy and nurturing talent. By working together, they can develop programs that bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that students acquire the relevant skills and knowledge demanded by the job market.

Conclusion: Empowering Women in the Digital Age

Girls in ICT Day serves as a powerful reminder of the need to promote gender equality and empower women in the technology sector. The stark statistic of only 20% of tech startups being founded by women highlights the existing gender disparity and the work that still needs to be done.

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FDM Group’s commitment to bridging the gender gap and addressing the digital skills gap is commendable. Through their initiatives and support for education, FDM Group is paving the way for more women to pursue successful careers in technology.

To create a truly inclusive and diverse tech industry, it is crucial for businesses, educational institutions, and policymakers to work hand in hand. By providing equal opportunities, empowering women through education and mentorship, and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, we can build a future where women play a pivotal role in driving innovation and shaping the digital landscape.

On this Girls in ICT Day, let us celebrate the achievements of women in technology, while recognizing the need for continued efforts to bridge the gender gap and provide equal opportunities for all.

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