10 Most Influential Tax Lawyers Transforming Uruguay’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Uruguay, a small South American nation known for its progressive policies and stable economy, is also home to an array of talented legal professionals specializing in tax law – a field critical to both businesses and individuals. With the escalating complexity of financial legislation and evolving taxation scenarios, the need for proficient tax lawyers is greater than ever. In this article, we showcase the profiles of significant tax lawyers based in Uruguay, providing a comprehensive view of their specialties, firms, and descriptions.

The Uruguayan tax landscape is teeming with proficient and experienced lawyers boasting diverse specialties, ranging from handling contentious tax matters to advising corporations on tax mandates, representing clients in tax litigation, and understanding local tax regulation mandates. These tax lawyers guide their clients through the labyrinth of tax implications related to corporate transactions, anti-money laundering issues, financial transactions, and numerous other areas.

What makes these tax attorneys stand out is their in-depth knowledge and understanding of both domestic and international tax laws, coupled with their ability to provide practical and customized solutions to their clients. Well-versed in all facets of tax law, these experts offer invaluable services to their clients, helping them navigate the treacherous waters of regulatory compliance and financial planning. Do take note that some of these tax lawyers are part of law firms, while others are Sole Practitioners.

Andrés Blanco: Andrés Blanco – Sole Practitioner

Industry: Tax Location: Uruguay. Andrés Blanco is a revered sole practitioner that not only provides expert opinions on contentious tax matters, but also possesses an admirable academic background. His profound understanding of corporate issues distinguishes him as a leading tax specialist in Uruguay. Unfortunately, there is no firm website available for Andrés Blanco.

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Leonardo Costa: Brum & Costa Abogados

Firm Website. Leonardo Costa is a respected partner who specializes in anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing. He is also proficient in creating tax-efficient structures abroad and dealing with tax matters related to e-commerce and digital platforms.

Juan Bonet: Deloitte

Juan Bonet, an up-and-coming partner at Deloitte, has earned substantial acclaim for his expertise in local tax regulation mandates and handling contentious-administrative disputes. His firm website is not available.

Gianni Gutiérrez Prieto: Ferrere Abogados

Firm Website. Gianni Gutiérrez Prieto advises notable multinational corporations on their tax mandates and assists locals and international individuals with personal wealth planning.

Domingo Pereira Laporta: Bergstein Abogados

Firm Website. Domingo Pereira Laporta is revered for his active presence in the Uruguayan tax arena, coupled with his excellent technical skills.

Isabel Laventure: Ferrere Abogados

Firm Website. Isabel Laventure assists clients with the tax aspects of corporate and financial transactions, and also boasts extensive experience advising on contentious tax claims and fiscal planning.

Alicia Seijas: KPMG

Firm Website. Alicia Seijas continues to garner substantial praise for her longstanding presence in the Uruguayan tax field, particularly in the realm of social security law.

Sebastián Arcia: Arcia Storace Fuentes Medina Abogados

Firm Website. Sebastián Arcia is applauded for his consolidated practice in the market, and is particularly well-regarded for his proficiency in tax law.

María Laura Caffera: Ferrere Abogados

Firm Website. María Laura Caffera advises clients on foreign trade taxation, demonstrating her acute commercial awareness and strong client service capabilities.

Juan Manuel Albacete: Guyer & Regules

Firm Website. Juan Manuel Albacete’s broad practice covers various aspects of tax litigation and consultancy, including taxation issues related to corporate and financial transactions, double taxation treaties, and administrative tax claims.

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