10 Most Influential Private Wealth Law Lawyers in Spain 2023

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In the sphere of Private Wealth Law in Spain, a cluster of high-powered individuals have established a well-regarded reputation. Their speciality lies in handling legal matters related to the management of private wealth, offering advice and solutions tailored to the particular needs of each client. This article puts a spotlight on the seasoned professionals who have carved a niche for themselves in this field in Spain, showcasing their unique skills and depth of knowledge.

These top-notch professionals are affiliated with prestigious legal firms – each of them passionate about providing their clients with expert advice on tax structuring, succession planning, asset protection, and many other facets of private wealth law. Their reputations have been forged on the anvil of professionalism, responsiveness, attentiveness, and technical know-how.

Let us delve in and journey through the fascinating professional lives of these leading lawyers in Spain’s Private Wealth Law.

Pablo Torrano

Associated with Garrigues, Pablo Torrano has been described as “a recognized lawyer” in Spain’s private client market. His knack for providing creative and technically sound solutions to family groups is particularly lauded. Torrano, with his distinctive approach to complex legal matters, continues to contribute significantly to the field of Private Wealth Law in Spain.

Antonio Zurera

Baker McKenzie houses the brilliant Antonio Zurera. Known for being highly specialized and incredibly responsive, Zurera masters in identifying, analyzing and making sense of complex issues swiftly. His commendable client-relationship skills and profound knowledge make him a highly recommended lawyer in the realm of Private Wealth Law.

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Guadalupe Díaz-Súnico Aboitiz

Guadalupe Díaz-Súnico Aboitiz, a recent addition to Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, impresses clients with her command over English and the precise advice she provides on succession planning and tax structuring. Lauded for her proactive approach, Aboitiz excels in providing clear, practical guidance in even the most intricate and complicated cases.

Luis Trigo

Luis Trigo, associated with Broseta Abogados, is known for his in-depth experience aiding clients with private client matters. Described as one of the best lawyers in the business, Trigo is praised for his professionalism and well-prepared, client-oriented approach.

Juan Luis Zayas

Partnered with Garrigues, Juan Luis Zayas is recognized for his strong reputation as a good tax lawyer. His forte lies in providing clients with precise advice in relation to M&A transactions and wealth planning.

Alfonso Garrido

Alfonso Garrido, practicing with B Law & Tax, is known for his assistance to sportspeople and family businesses in tax planning. Garrido is lauded as an excellent lawyer who provides clear answers and is always available to his clients.

Carles Puig

Carles Puig, who is with Cuatrecasas, is highly esteemed as a respected lawyer with a reputable name in the field. He is recognized by his peers for serving an impressive list of high-profile clients.

Javier Estella Lana

Javier Estella Lana, who works with Avantia Asesoramiento Fiscal y Legal S.L., is regarded as a great professional who instills a sense of confidence in his clients. His ‘big picture perspective’ while dealing with individual tax and inheritance planning is highlighted as a significant strength.

Esteban Raventós

Part of the Baker McKenzie firm, Esteban Raventós has over 25 years of experience in dealing with Private Wealth Law. He exhibits a well-established reputation for being an exceptional private client lawyer.

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Jaime Martínez-Íñiguez

Also hailing from Baker McKenzie, Jaime Martínez-Íñiguez is praised for his global acumen and technical expertise. Known for his extensive experience in various facets of Private Wealth Law, including asset protection structures, inheritance tax, and expatriation strategies, Martínez-Íñiguez remains influential in Spain’s legal landscape.

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