10 Most Influential High Net Worth Family Lawyers in Canada 2023

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High net worth individuals often require intricate and specialized legal representation. This article presents a selection of some of Canada’s most formidable family/matrimonial high net worth lawyers. The professionals listed here have demonstrated excellence in dealing with complex legal issues in the areas of family and matrimonial law. They not only offer their clients astute counsel, but have shown that they can effectively navigate high-stakes litigation.

Utmost proficiency, expansive knowledge and practicality are the common threads among the featured lawyers. These qualities equip them to deal with the myriad of challenges often associated with high net worth cases such as assets division, property disputes, prenuptial agreements and divorce settlements – all requiring a strategic and solution-focused approach.

Without a doubt, these prominent figures in the legal sphere bring their impressive experiences to play, ensuring that they deliver the best outcomes for their clients. More than just being skillful litigators, they are regarded as smart and tenacious, considered as some of the best in Canada.

Sarah Boulby – Boulby Weinberg LLP

Known to be knowledgeable, effective, and tenacious, Sarah Boulby of Boulby Weinberg LLP specializes in handling diverse family issues ranging from property to support matters. Boulby Weinberg LLP is highly reputed in the matrimonial high net worth industry in Canada.

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Herschel Fogelman – Fogelman Law

Herschel Fogelman of Fogelman Law has garnered much respect due to his extensive know-how in family law. His practice spans litigation, arbitration and mediation matters and he’s celebrated for his pragmatism and proficiency in dealing with law intricacies.

Joseph Slavec – Blaney McMurtry LLP

Joseph Slavec, a rising partner at Blaney McMurtry LLP, provides comprehensive consultation on a range of family law issues to high net worth clients. Known for his work ethic and a keen vision of the endgame, he brings a much-needed sophistication to every case.

Heather Hansen – McCarthy Hansen & Company LLP

Practical, smart, and a fierce litigator, Heather Hansen of McCarthy Hansen & Company LLP, is highly skilled in managing complex matrimonial cases, particularly those that involve significant business interests.

Erin Crawford – McCarthy Hansen & Company LLP

Equally distinct at McCarthy Hansen & Company LLP is Erin Crawford. Highly praised for her deft handling of prenuptial agreements and divorce matters. Crawford’s comprehensive skill set has won commendation from both clients and legal counterparts alike.

George Karahotzitis – Thomson Rogers

As partner at Thomson Rogers, George Karahotzitis has been widely recognized as one of the best family lawyers in Canada. He specializes in matrimonial litigation and has been lauded as a very effective litigator who provides sound advice to his clients.

Harold Niman – Niman Mamo LLP

At Niman Mamo LLP, Harold Niman brings a wealth of experience to complex, high-value family cases. His superior ability in cross-examination has earned him the reputation of being one of the most sophisticated litigators around.

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Fareen Jamal – Jamal Family Law

Fareen Jamal of Jamal Family Law is known for providing high net worth clients comprehensive legal advice on a wide range of family matters. She’s often lauded as intelligent, personable, and quick to respond.

Roslyn Tsao – Epstein Cole LLP

Roslyn Tsao distinguishes herself in the field of high net worth family law, particularly on international matters. Peers and clients have praised her as an excellent, responsive, and proactive lawyer.

Robert Halpern – Halpern Law Group

Robert Halpern of the Halpern Law Group focuses on settling family matters involving businesses, separation, and divorce. His dedication, practicality, and deep knowledge in family law have led to constant recommendation by his peers and clients.

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