Revolution in Healthcare: A Leap Forward in Remote Medical Procedures

"Groundbreaking Remote Robotic Coronary Angioplasty Bridges 1700 Miles, Pioneering Future Medical Innovations

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Key Takeaways:

  • Historic Medical Milestone: First-ever remote robotic coronary angioplasty performed across 1,700 miles, entirely via 5G connection.
  • Technological Advancements in Healthcare: Utilization of Robocath’s R-One™ platform showcases the potential of robotics in medicine.
  • Future of Interventional Medicine: Opens possibilities for long-distance cardiovascular treatments, addressing accessibility and expertise distribution challenges.

A Pioneering Procedure in Interventional Medicine

In a remarkable feat of medical and technological collaboration, a world-first remote robotic coronary angioplasty was successfully performed between two cities in China, spanning a distance of 1,700 miles. The procedure, carried out using the R-One™ platform developed by Robocath, was completed entirely via a 5G connection, marking a significant milestone in the field of interventional medicine.

The Procedure: Bridging Distances with Technology

The groundbreaking operation took place in July, with Prof. Yundai Chen in Beijing and Prof. Yining Yang in Urumqi collaborating to perform the angioplasty on a 59-year-old patient. The use of the R-One platform enabled precise and effective treatment, with Prof. Chen remotely controlling the procedure while Prof. Yang and his team were present with the patient.

Communications: The Backbone of Remote Procedures

The success of this procedure was underpinned by the stable and reliable 5G network, which ensured seamless technical and verbal communication between the two operating locations, eliminating latency in imaging and sound systems.

The Impact on Future Medical Treatments

This procedure not only demonstrates the feasibility and safety of remote medical operations but also opens up new possibilities for long-distance treatments. Prof. Yundai Chen expressed his excitement about the potential for robotics to treat more patients efficiently and with exceptional accuracy.

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Robocath’s Vision and Contribution

Lucien Goffart, CEO of Robocath, emphasized the company’s commitment to developing smart, connected robotic platforms that improve the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. He highlighted the challenges of geographical remoteness and the scarcity of specialized care centers, which robotic solutions can effectively address.

Equality in Healthcare Access

Philippe Bencteux, president and founder of Robocath, reflected on the achievement as a realization of their ambition to ensure equal access to care for all. He expressed confidence that public authorities would recognize the societal benefits of this technology and support its integration into healthcare systems.

About Robocath

Founded in 2009 by Philippe Bencteux, MD, Robocath focuses on creating smart robotic solutions to treat cardiovascular diseases. Their development of robotic systems, like the R-One™, demonstrates a significant advancement in making medical procedures safer and more precise. Robocath’s vision is to be a world leader in vascular robotics, with a commitment to enhancing medical practices through digital evolution.

Press Contact Information:

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