Unlocking the Subscription Economy: Surprising Insights from the 2024 State of Subscriptions Report

Revealing Key Trends and Benchmarks for Maximizing Growth in Subscription Businesses

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Key Takeaways:

  • Continued Growth: Despite concerns of subscriber fatigue, subscription models continue to flourish with improved retention rates.
  • Strategic Relationships: Effective churn management and recovery events have become critical for nurturing long-term subscriber relationships.
  • The Power of Personalization: Tailoring subscription offers has proven to significantly boost revenues and loyalty.


In an era of rapid digital transformation, the subscription business model has emerged as a cornerstone for sustainable growth. The latest 2024 State of Subscriptions report by Recurly, a leader in subscription management and billing, sheds light on the vital benchmarks and trends driving this sector.

Growth in the Subscription Space

The report highlights that despite a market-wide reduction in acquisition spend, the subscription model remains resilient. Key findings include:

  • Trial-to-Paid Conversion: A healthy median rate of 50% indicates consumers’ continued interest in trial offers.
  • Signup Success Rate: At 89%, this metric underscores the efficiency of the subscription process.
  • Subscriber Increase: There’s been a 16% uptick in active subscribers, a staggering 105% growth since 2020.

CEO Insights

Joe Rohrlich, CEO of Recurly, emphasizes the company’s role in enhancing subscriber lifetime value, stating, “The State of Subscriptions report… helps those in the industry understand and optimize their business.”

Building Profitable Relationships

The focus has shifted towards nurturing the most profitable subscriber segments. Recurly’s approach to managing involuntary churn through recovery events has yielded impressive results:

  • Renewal Invoice Paid Rate: A high rate of 96% in 2023 indicates successful renewal strategies.
  • Churn Rate Stability: The median churn rate holds steady at 4%.
  • Revenue Recovery: An astounding $1.2 billion in subscription revenue was recovered in 2023 through advanced churn management solutions.
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New Platform Features

Rohrlich announces new built-in benchmarks on Recurly’s platform, allowing businesses to compare key metrics against industry peers. This feature is part of Recurly’s commitment to providing actionable insights for subscription businesses.

The Underrated Role of Personalization

Personalization in subscription offerings is a largely untapped area with immense potential. The report reveals:

  • Plan Customizations: 28% of Recurly customers who offered this feature saw $2.2 billion in incremental revenue.
  • Growth in Add-Ons: Revenue from product add-ons surged by 272% from 2020 to 2023.
  • Subscription Pause Feature: Adopted by 40% of customers, this feature is crucial in reducing cancellations.

Payment Methods and Subscriber Experience

The choice of payment methods significantly influences the subscription experience. Key trends include:

  • Dominance of Debit Cards: Debit cards accounted for 46% of global transactions on Recurly.
  • Rise of Alternative Payment Methods (APMs): While APMs like PayPal accounted for only 19% of transactions, they are preferred by 45% of respondents.
  • Fraud Risk Assessment: APMs showed a significantly lower risk of fraud compared to credit and debit cards.

Industry Benchmarks and Insights

The comprehensive report includes benchmarks across various industries, providing a detailed view of the subscription landscape. For access to the full report, click here.


The 2024 State of Subscriptions report from Recurly offers invaluable insights for businesses operating within the subscription economy. From growth trends to the importance of relationship building and personalization, the report is a testament to the evolving dynamics of subscriber management. As businesses continue to navigate this terrain, such data-driven insights become crucial for strategic planning and sustained growth.

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