Top 10 Pioneering Litigation Funding Lawyers Shaping USA’s Legal Industry in 2023

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Legal professionals in the United States are increasingly turning to litigation funding as a means to finance their legal battles, allowing them to continue their fight for justice without the risk of running out of funds. Litigation funding lawyers have become the unsung heroes in these scenarios, helping plaintiffs and law firms alike navigate through the unique complexities associated with this form of financial backing. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the industry’s most prominent figures, detailing their impressive backgrounds and unique contributions to the field of litigation funding.

Each of these professionals comes to the table armed with their own unique skills and backgrounds, ranging from experienced litigators to savvy business executives. What ties them all together is a deep understanding of the intricacies of litigation funding and the ability to expertly guide their clients through the process. In the high stakes world of litigation, their services become invaluable.

By opting for investigative journalism that unearths exemplary stories and industry insights, we aim to highlight the individuals that arguably shape the landscape of Litigation Funding in the United States. In no particular order, here are ten distinguished litigation funding lawyers to watch out for:

Allison K Chock – Omni Bridgeway

Allison Chock served as chief investment officer of Omni Bridgeway in the US and is currently a member of its investment committee. She is also a former litigation attorney and is highly acclaimed in the field of litigation funding.

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Stuart Grant – Bench Walk Advisors LLC

An expert on securities litigation and corporate governance matters, Stuart Grant founded Bench Walk Advisors LLC. Drawing from his experience as a distinguished lawyer, Grant exhibits exceptional understanding of funding transactions.

Christopher DeLise – Delta Capital Partners Management LLC

A former partner at K&L Gates, Christopher DeLise is now the founder and CEO of Delta Capital. He has an extensive background in sourcing investment opportunities and implementing investment strategies.

Marla Decker – Lake Whillans Capital Partners LLC

Marla Decker, managing director at Lake Whillans Capital Partners, leverages her extensive legal acumen to the advantage of her clients. A former litigator, Decker has represented corporate and financial services clients on numerous high-stakes commercial litigation matters.

Michael A. Nicolas – Longford Capital Management

Co-founder and managing director at Longford Capital Management, Michael Nicolas oversees the firm’s investment selection and underwriting processes. His expertise is well-regarded in the industry.

Eric Blinderman

Praised for his legal acumen, Eric Blinderman was the US chief executive officer at Therium. Prior to this role, Blinderman was a commercial litigator at Proskauer Rose, representing both governmental and private entities in international disputes.

Boaz Weinstein – Lake Whillans Capital Partners LLC

Boaz Weinstein, co-founder and managing director at Lake Whillans, has been funding matters successfully for many years. His legal expertise and business acumen is well recognized in the industry.

Dai Wai Chin Feman – Parabellum Capital

Known for his ability to effectively handle complicated litigation matters, Dai Wai Chin Feman serves as the director of commercial litigation strategies and corporate counsel at Parabellum. A former litigator, he frequently handled commercial and antitrust disputes.

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Andrew Woltman – Statera Capital

Andrew Woltman co-founded Statera Capital, where he also serves as managing director and general counsel. He brings to the table deep experience from his previous work as a litigator, having represented clients in a wide variety of sophisticated commercial disputes.

Christopher Bogart – Burford Capital

Christopher Bogart is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Burford Capital, and is one of the pioneers of the litigation funding industry in the USA. He continues to make significant contributions to the field, shaping its future in the process.

These professionals underscore the significance of expertise, experience, and innovation in the burgeoning sector of litigation funding. As the industry continues to evolve, the services provided by these lawyers will become even more essential for navigating the complex landscape of litigation funding.

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