Unmasking Hungary’s Legal Powerhouses: The Game-Changing Competition/Antitrust Lawyers You Need to Know

Exploring the Expertise and Impact of Hungary's Legal Minds in the Field of Competition and Antitrust.

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The field of competition and antitrust law in Hungary is brimming with exceptional legal minds who possess in-depth knowledge and profound expertise. These lawyers play a pivotal role in shaping the business landscape, ensuring fair practices, and safeguarding the interests of both businesses and consumers. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of Hungary’s most noteworthy competition/antitrust lawyers, showcasing their remarkable contributions to the legal arena.

Nóra Jekkel – CMS

Nóra Jekkel, affiliated with CMS, is a highly regarded lawyer who provides invaluable assistance to clients involved in investigations initiated by the Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) pertaining to cartels and unfair commercial practices. With an unwavering commitment to protecting her clients’ interests, Jekkel also offers expert advice on appeals against HCA decisions, ensuring a fair and just legal process.

Péter Vörös – Andrékó Ferenczi Kinstellar Ügyvédi Iroda

Péter Vörös, associated with Andrékó Ferenczi Kinstellar Ügyvédi Iroda, possesses extensive experience in assisting clients with merger clearance mandates and cartel investigations. Vörös’s expertise extends to state aid matters and competition compliance issues, allowing him to provide comprehensive legal counsel in complex cases.

Gábor Fejes – DLA Piper Hungary

Renowned for his market-leading contentious antitrust practice, Gábor Fejes, a partner at DLA Piper Hungary, excels in representing clients in leniency applications, market inquiries, bid-rigging, and abuse of dominance investigations. Fejes’s vast experience also encompasses merger clearance and competition compliance matters, making him a versatile and sought-after lawyer.

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Eszter Ritter – Lakatos, Köves & Partners

Eszter Ritter, affiliated with Lakatos, Köves & Partners, specializes in addressing issues related to unfair commercial practices and competition compliance. Her expertise in navigating the intricate realm of commercial agreements allows her to offer valuable guidance to clients, ensuring their compliance with competition laws and regulations.

Anna Turi – Schoenherr Hetényi Ügyvédi Iroda

Anna Turi, a distinguished lawyer associated with Schoenherr Hetényi Ügyvédi Iroda, provides comprehensive legal advice to clients on merger clearance mandates. Turi’s expertise extends to representing clients in appeals against fines imposed by the HCA and in follow-on damages claims. She also assists clients with competition compliance audits and dawn raid training.

Márton Horányi – Hegymegi-Barakonyi and Fehérváry Baker&McKenzie Attorneys-at-Law

Márton Horányi, a prominent lawyer at Hegymegi-Barakonyi and Fehérváry Baker&McKenzie Attorneys-at-Law, specializes in assisting clients with merger filings and competition compliance mandates. His strong presence in the retail industry further enhances his ability to cater to the unique needs of clients operating in this sector. Horányi is also known for his involvement in appeals against HCA decisions.

Attila Kőmíves – Allen & Overy

Attila Kőmíves, a legal professional at Allen & Overy, boasts a broad competition law practice. With an extensive background in representing clients in cartel investigations, follow-on damages claims, and appeals against HCA decisions, Kőmíves offers comprehensive legal guidance. Additionally, he provides expert advice on merger clearance mandates and unfair commercial practices investigations.

Zoltán Hegymegi-Barakonyi – Hegymegi-Barakonyi and Fehérváry Baker&McKenzie Attorneys-at-Law

Zoltán Hegymegi-Barakonyi, a highly esteemed lawyer at Hegymegi-Barakonyi and Fehérváry Baker&McKenzie Attorneys-at-Law, is renowned for his expertise in behavioral investigations. Representing clients in challenges to HCA decisions, Hegymegi-Barakonyi possesses a market-leading contentious practice. His comprehensive legal services also encompass merger clearance mandates, ensuring holistic guidance for his clients.

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Tibor Szántó – Szántó Tibor Law Firm

Tibor Szántó, founder of Szántó Tibor Law Firm, has extensive experience representing clients from the telecommunications sector in abuse of dominance cases, cartel investigations, and merger clearance mandates. Szántó’s diverse expertise also extends to advising on state aid matters and follow-on damages claims, further enhancing his ability to provide comprehensive legal counsel.

Szabolcs Szendrő – CMS

Szabolcs Szendrő, affiliated with CMS, possesses a broad and versatile competition law practice. Offering expert advice on behavioral investigations before the HCA, merger clearance mandates, and competition compliance topics, Szendrő brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. He is also recognized for his work in consumer protection matters.

Ákos Kovách – Partos & Noblet in co-operation with Hogan Lovells

Ákos Kovách, an accomplished lawyer at Partos & Noblet in co-operation with Hogan Lovells, focuses on advising clients on merger clearance notifications. Kovách’s expertise extends to abuse of dominance investigations and judicial reviews of Hungarian Competition Authority decisions. With a nuanced understanding of competition law, Kovách delivers strategic counsel to clients facing complex legal challenges.

Anikó Keller – Szecskay Attorneys at Law

Anikó Keller, associated with Szecskay Attorneys at Law, provides essential assistance to clients involved in challenges to HCA decisions concerning unfair commercial practices. Keller’s expertise extends to investigations into abuse of dominance and mergers. She is particularly well-versed in competition compliance issues, with a focus on distribution agreements.

Tünde Gönczöl – Dentons

Tünde Gönczöl, a dedicated lawyer at Dentons, advises clients on competition compliance issues, with a particular emphasis on distribution agreements. Drawing upon her extensive experience, Gönczöl assists clients in merger clearance mandates and appeals against fines imposed for anti-competitive practices. Her expertise is instrumental in ensuring her clients’ compliance with competition laws.

Péter Virág – DLA Piper Hungary

Péter Virág, a legal professional at DLA Piper Hungary, frequently assists clients with merger control and competition compliance matters. Virág’s well-rounded expertise allows him to provide comprehensive legal advice, ensuring clients navigate complex regulatory landscapes effectively.

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Zoltán Marosi – DLA Piper Hungary

Zoltán Marosi, affiliated with DLA Piper Hungary, stands out as an exceptional legal professional known for his expertise in consumer protection and unfair commercial practices cases. Marosi’s experience spans high-profile abuse of dominance and cartel investigations, private enforcement cases, and merger clearance mandates. His expertise and versatility make him a go-to lawyer for a wide range of competition/antitrust matters.


Hungary’s competition and antitrust legal landscape is home to an array of outstanding lawyers who consistently demonstrate their prowess and commitment to their clients. The lawyers featured in this article embody the highest standards of excellence, providing invaluable guidance and representation in complex and challenging legal scenarios. Their collective expertise in competition law, merger clearances, and compliance matters ensures the fair and efficient functioning of the Hungarian business environment while safeguarding the interests of businesses and consumers alike.

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