tretton37 Launches Pro Bono Initiative to Empower Social Impact Startups

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tech consulting company tretton37 introduces “Startup Boost,” a pro bono initiative offering free software development support to socially impactful startups.
  • The program aims to assist startups lacking financial resources in areas such as programming, design, and strategy.
  • Startups worldwide, founded after 2019 with a maximum of 49 employees, are invited to apply for the program until September 30th, 2023.
  • The selection criteria prioritize the company’s stage, founders’ background, and the social and environmental impact the startup aims to achieve.
  • tretton37’s geographically distributed delivery teams make the startups’ location irrelevant, enabling global participation.


tretton37, a leading tech consulting company, has announced the launch of “Startup Boost,” a pro bono initiative aimed at supporting socially impactful startups in need of software development expertise. The program offers free assistance in areas such as programming, design, and strategy to help startups overcome financial barriers and achieve their goals. tretton37 recognizes the crucial role startups play in driving innovation and societal change and aims to make a significant difference through this initiative.

Supporting Startups in Challenging Economic Times

Startups often face financial challenges while striving to bring innovation and positive change to society. The current economic climate makes it increasingly difficult for them to secure funding and access the necessary expertise in various areas. Recognizing these hurdles, tretton37 aims to level the playing field by providing startups with the knowledge and support they need to succeed. The Startup Boost program is poised to make a significant impact on the participating companies and the communities they serve.

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Applications Open for Socially Impactful Startups

Socially impactful startups worldwide are invited to apply for the Startup Boost program until September 30th, 2023. tretton37 will select ten companies with the greatest potential to make a positive difference in the world. The selection process will consider factors such as the stage of the company, the founders’ background, and the social and environmental impact the startup aims to achieve. By evaluating these criteria, tretton37 aims to identify startups with a clear vision for improving society and address global challenges.

Diversity in Geography and Goals

tretton37 recognizes the diversity of challenges faced by startups across different regions and believes in supporting startups from various geographical locations. The evaluation process will consider startups worldwide, enabling a global representation within the program. tretton37 emphasizes the importance of founders’ motivation and the company’s goals, which may include increasing inclusion in society, combating climate change, reducing corruption, improving healthcare access, or addressing other pressing issues. The Startup Boost program embraces the vast potential for positive change worldwide.

Tailored Support for Maximum Impact

Once the ten startups are selected, tretton37 will create a customized plan to provide the best possible assistance to each company. Leveraging their geographically distributed delivery teams and extensive experience serving global clients, tretton37’s support will be available regardless of the startups’ location. This approach ensures that participating startups can benefit from tretton37’s expertise and contribute to their social impact goals effectively.

About Startup Boost

To be eligible for the program, companies must be tech startups founded after 2019 and have a maximum of 49 employees. Additionally, the company must aim to create a positive social impact in areas such as the environment, diversity, accessibility, health, or education. For more information and to apply, interested startups can visit the official Startup Boost page at: https://www.tretton37.com/startup-boost

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About tretton37

tretton37 is a prominent tech consulting company with a team of over 320 professionals spread across four offices in Sweden and one in Slovenia. The company’s headquarters is located in Lund, Sweden. tretton37 serves an impressive list of clients, including Telia, Klarna, Paradox Interactive, Tibber, and ICA. With their extensive experience and dedication to supporting startups through the Startup Boost initiative, tretton37 aims to contribute to the growth and success of socially impactful businesses. For more information about tretton37, please visit www.tretton37.com.

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