Top 10 Swiss White-Collar Crime Lawyers with Groundbreaking Influence in 2023

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In the world of business and high finance, where complexity often provides a veneer for unscrupulous activity, indispensable specialists known as “White-Collar Crime” lawyers have emerged. These skilled litigators, specialized in cases related to fraud, bribery, insider trading, asset recovery, and corruption investigations among others, have become vital in combating illegalities in the corporate sector. In this article, we turn our attention towards Switzerland, home to some prolific White-Collar Crime lawyers who are making significant strides in this arena.

Switzerland, a globally recognized financial hub, is home to some of the most reputable law firms and lawyers specialized in white-collar crimes. The nation’s legal framework, phenomenal infrastructure, and wide array of clients provide fertile ground for these specialized practitioners to operate within. In terms of their remarkable contributions to the safeguarding and integrity of corporate activities, these lawyers indeed deserve the spotlight.

Here, we introduce you to exemplary personas in the industry who have not only demonstrated extraordinary legal acumen but also shown immense dedication and commitment to representing clients embroiled in complex, high-stake white-collar crime cases.

Sandrine Giroud – Lalive

Sandrine Giroud represents clients in asset recovery proceedings, with further activity on fraud and embezzlement cases. She is particularly active in cross-border matters. Based in Switzerland, her firm, Lalive, has a strong reputation in White-Collar Crime law.

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Andreas D Länzlinger – Bär & Karrer Ltd

Andreas D Länzlinger is highly esteemed for his expertise in handling internal investigations. He is also well versed with banking and insurance litigation. He provides his services from the respected Bär & Karrer Ltd law firm in Switzerland.

Thomas Werlen – Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

At Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, Thomas Werlen operates a diverse practice that encompasses commercial and criminal proceedings. He acts on liability claims, contractual disputes and shareholder litigation, with further activity in fraud cases.

Bernhard Lötscher – CMS

Bernhard Lötscher of the CMS firm in Switzerland provides representation for board members, shareholders and corporate clients on a range of criminal proceedings, including counterfeiting claims, fraud and manipulation of accounts.

Benjamin Borsodi – Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd

Benjamin Borsodi of Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd has gained notable reputation for his experience assisting with fraud and corruption investigations, including those with cross-border implications. He also assists with recovery proceedings.

Hikmat Maleh – Lenz & Staehelin

Hikmat Maleh plays a key role in representing clients during proceedings and investigations related to insider trading, bribery, fraud and money laundering at Lenz & Staehelin.

Oliver Kunz – Walder Wyss Ltd

Operating from the Walder Wyss Ltd firm, Oliver Kunz represents clients in money laundering and bribery cases, with further activity in mutual assistance proceedings.

Miguel Oural – Lenz & Staehelin

Miguel Oural has notable expertise in white-collar crime mandates, including fraud and insider trading cases. He is based out of the Lenz & Staehelin law firm in Switzerland.

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Based out of the MONFRINI BITTON KLEIN firm, David Bitton is a highly recognized criminal lawyer. He represents clients in fraud and money laundering cases.

Anne Valérie Julen Berthod – Bär & Karrer Ltd

Anne Valérie Julen Berthod is a well-regarded practitioner, acting for clients in criminal proceedings and asset recovery cases. She is based out of the prestigious Bär & Karrer Ltd law firm in Switzerland.

In conclusion, these exceptional lawyers make up a potent force in Switzerland’s legal landscape. Their expertise ensures justice is always served in the world of white-collar crime where the intricacies call for an absolute understanding and extensive experience.

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