Top 10 PRC Wealth Management Lawyers Transforming China’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Private client and wealth management law practices are increasingly important in China, especially as the country experiences significant growth in high net worth individuals. This calls for expert advice and guidance through complex structures of wealth management, estate planning, and inheritance issues as well as more personal matters such as divorces and family disputes. Chinese firms are not left behind in this crucial service, and practitioners in these niche areas are increasingly recognized for their tremendous contributions. Here, we take a look at some stellar lawyers in the private client and wealth management space, discussing their backgrounds and areas of expertise.

These lawyers hail from some of China’s most prestigious law firms, each offering a unique take on wealth management and private client services. From handling high-profile divorce proceedings to forming elaborate estate plans, these practitioners stand out for their unparalleled commitment and prowess. And while most of these lawyers work primarily within the Chinese legal framework, many are also qualified to practice in other jurisdictions, allowing them to serve a broader range of clients.

To give you an idea of the calibre of wealth management and private client lawyers in China, we’ve compiled a list of practitioners who demonstrate impressive knowledge, experience, and dexterity. Whether they’re helping a wealthy client navigate a contentious divorce or advising a corporation on complex trust matters, these lawyers illustrate the breadth and depth of private client and wealth management legal services in China.

Miao Zhao – Jingtian & Gongcheng

Miao Zhao offers an impressive service depth covering divorce, estate planning, and trust matters. Qualified in both the PRC and California, Zhao’s clientele includes both institutional clients and high net worth individuals.

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Xuanling Guo – AllBright Law Offices

Xuanling Guo from AllBright Law Offices has built a reputation advising succession planning and related disputes. Situated in Shenzhen, Guo also takes on trust matters in her broad practice.

Yi Yi – Jiali Law Firm

At Jiali Law Firm, Yi Yi shows prowess in dealing with matrimonial issues and disputes arising from succession. Apart from her practice, Yi serves as the head of the Firm.

Hengka Ji – Zhong Lun Law Firm

Hengka Ji extends his services in both PRC and New York, facilitating international exchanges of legal services. His expertise lies in estate, succession planning, and family trust establishment.

Qin Du – Yingke Law Firm

Qin Du, situated in Shenzhen, specializes in high-value divorce litigation and supports with family wealth management and inheritance structures.

Kun Liu – Commerce & Finance Law Offices (Tongshang)

Based in Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Kun Liu assists high net worth individuals and enterprises in wealth management, trust planning, as well as inheritance and succession matters.

Dahui Yun – Hylands Law Firm

Dahui Yun at Hylands Law Firm advises on trust matters and overseas asset arrangements. Passionate about art, Yun also provides insight into artwork management and allocation.

Xiaocheng Wang – Grandall Law Firm

Xiaocheng Wang from Grandall Law Firm focuses his practice on succession and inheritance matters, both contentious and non-contentious. Additionally, he aids in family trust establishment.

Fangfei Ouyang – Merits & Tree Law Offices

Considered an up-and-coming lawyer, Fangfei Ouyang of Merits & Tree Law Offices focuses on onshore and offshore family trust matters, serving both institutions and high net worth customers.

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Xiaofei Li – Guangdong Wumei Law Firm

Xiaofei Li, chairing Guangdong Wumei Law Firm’s wealth management practice, is an expert in handling matrimonial and family issues. She further specializes in divorce lawsuits and cases concerning inheritance issues.

In summary, these private client and wealth management lawyers in China are at the forefront of their field, providing impeccable service and guidance in this complex legal area. They not only advise their clients on wealth management strategies but also play crucial roles in resolving high-stakes family disputes and offering practical solutions to intricate legal matters. Their work embodies both the technical skill and human touch necessary in handling private client law, making a significant impact on their clientele.

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