Top 10 Influential Bank & Finance Lawyers of 2023 in South Korea

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South Korea has been ascending the financial and legal global stages over the past several years, attracting attention from both international and domestic entities. A key factor in this rise has been the performance and expertise of an impressive selection of domestic law firms who are redefining the landscape of Banking and Finance law in the country. The featured lawyers in this piece have been recognized for their innovative thinking, proven results, and dedication to their clients, contributing greatly to the ongoing development of the Korean financial sector.

These lawyers represent a broad range of specializations within Banking & Finance: Domestic Firms sector such as acquisition finance, real estate finance, project finance, regulatory compliance, shipping finance, and infrastructure financing. As businesses demand an ever-increasing level of counsel and representation in their financial dealings, these professionals provide an invaluable service to their clients, ensuring that their investments are well-protected and their capital well-managed.

Here is a closer look at ten outstanding lawyers in the field of Banking and Finance from some of South Korea’s most prestigious law firms.

Yeo Kyoon Yoon – Lee & Ko

With over two decades of experience in the banking and finance sector, Yoon Yeo Kyoon is a seasoned professional who offers an in-depth knowledge of acquisition and real estate finance practices.

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Helen Pak – Shin & Kim

Helen Pak is a leading figure in South Korean finance law. She specializes in cross-border acquisition and investment financing transactions, working on behalf of both domestic and international banks.

Young Min Kim – Kim & Chang

Known for his work in aircraft finance and export finance, Kim Young Min is a trusted advisor to both Korean and international leasing companies and financial institutions.

Woo Young Jung – Lee & Ko

As Lee & Ko’s managing partner in Seoul, Jung Woo Young brings over twenty years of expertise to the table, particularly in shipping finance and financial regulatory compliance.

Hi Sun Yoon – Kim & Chang

Yoon Hi Sun offers a comprehensive practice that covers project finance, acquisition finance, and shipping finance, making him a reliable choice for clients such as banks and asset management companies.

Sang-Hyun Lee – Shin & Kim

Lee Sang-Hyun is revered for his work in financing oil, gas, and renewable energy projects. His client base includes international as well as Korean banks, corporations, and insurers.

Eui Jong Chung – Bae, Kim & Lee LLC

Chung Eui Jong is a partner in Bae, Kim & Lee’s finance team and is reputed for his skill in acquisition and asset-based financing transactions.

Christopher Joon Tae Cho – Yulchon LLC

Based in Seoul, Christopher Joon Tae Cho is a foreign attorney and is a well-known figure in the arena of asset-backed financing, aviation, and shipping finance transactions.

Young Kyun Cho – Kim & Chang

Bringing to the field an experience of over 30 years, in aircraft finance and project finance Cho Young Kyun is a highly sought-after name in the financial legal field in South Korea.

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Ho Jin Kim – Bae, Kim & Lee LLC

Known for his expertise in securities asset finance and acquisition finance transactions, Kim Ho Jin is also a specialist in real estate and project financings. His clients include financial institutions, private equity funds, and asset managers.

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