Top 10 Pioneers Shaping Belgium’s Arbitration Landscape in Dispute Resolution

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The Belgian legal landscape is richly textured and layered with exceptional talent and firms that have carved indelible marks in dispute resolution, particularly to the realm of arbitration. This specialized area of law requires a unique set of skills and expertise, with these individuals being pivotal in guiding commercial entities through complex disputes. We take a focused look at some of Belgium’s acclaimed arbitration lawyers, their areas of expertise, and the firms they represent.

The act of arbitration plays a vital role in settling disagreements and disputes, particularly in business environments. It is a less formal; potentially faster, and cheaper than traditional litigation. Often, the arbitrator’s decision is final and legally binding, which underscores the importance of finding an experienced, skilled, and reputable arbitration lawyer. Herewith, we showcase remarkable lawyers in this field.

Equally important to note is that these lawyers often operate both domestically and internationally, leveraging their experiences across various sectors and industries. They have all left distinctive footprints in the arbitration sand, have displayed in-depth industry knowledge, and possess profound dispute resolution skills.

Pascal Hollander

Pascal Hollander of Hanotiau & Van den Berg frequently assists clients in relation to trade practices, commercial disputes and IP rights arbitrations. Hollander is particularly acclaimed for his experience acting as an arbitrator. Hanotiau & Van den Berg Firm’s website.

Olivier Caprasse

At the helm of Caprasse Arbitration is Olivier Caprasse. He operates on a wide range of commercial, construction, and shareholder disputes, handling ICC and CEPANI arbitrations.

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Frank Wijckmans

Frank Wijckmans from Faros performs as arbitrator on CEPANI and ICC proceedings. He mainly acts on issues related to post-M&A disputes and commercial aspects, and showcases robust expertise in competition law facets. Visit the Faros Firm’s website to learn more.

Jean-François Tossens

Jean-François Tossens is associated with Tossens Goldman Gonne Lawyers. He is frequently engaged as an arbitrator in ICC and CEPANI arbitrations that revolve around contractual and post-M&A disputes.

Luc Demeyere

Luc Demeyere is renowned for acting as arbitrator on a wide range of CEPANI arbitration. Particularly, he engages in post-M&A, restructuring and environmental disputes. More about him and his firm can be found on the Contrast Firm’s website.

Françoise Lefèvre

With a remarkable legal career, Françoise Lefèvre of Lefevre Arbitration commands respect in the industry. She actively advises on disputes in both domestic and cross-border cases and operates as arbitrator on a variety of cases. Lefèvre also holds experience in representing clients in white-collar crime disputes. More about her can be found on Lefevre’s Arbitration Firm’s website.

Sophie Goldman

Sophie Goldman from Tossens Goldman Gonne Lawyers works as both arbitrator and arbitration counsel on contractual disputes. Her clientele includes multinational companies and private individuals.

Marc Dal

Marc Dal of DALDEWOLF assists clients with liability disputes across varied sectors. His clientele includes private individuals and multinational corporations. Discover more on DALDEWOLF’s website.

Didier Matray

Didier Matray of Matray Matray & Hallet is revered for his role as an arbitrator on domestic and international arbitration mandates. Matray also acts as a mediator. To learn more about him and his firm, view Matray Matray & Hallet’s website.

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Olivier Van Der Haegen

Olivier van der Haegen of Loyens & Loeff represents clients in ICC and CEPANI arbitrations and arbitration-related court proceedings, including enforcement actions. Visit the Loyens & Loeff’s website to learn more about him and his practice.

In conclusion, these remarkable legal experts have shown tremendous strength and dexterity in the dynamic and complex field of arbitration. Belonging to a cadre of seasoned professionals in their sector, they represent the evolutionary state of dispute resolution in Belgium today.

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