Top 10 Pioneering Pensions Lawyers Reshaping Industry in North West 2023

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Often overlooked yet incredibly vital, pensions lawyers hold a unique position in the legal ecosystem. They manoeuvre through the intricate details of employee benefits law, assisting clients with matters related to retirement plans. Here, we shine a spotlight on some of the most impressive Pensions Lawyers based in the North West of England. Each one is a recommended legal counsel for those seeking advice on pensions.

The following lawyers are well-versed in an industry that requires a comprehensive understanding of investment and tax laws, worker’s rights, and the business operations of the employers who manage retirement plans. From providing guidance on scheme documentation to advising on compliance matters, these lawyers underpin numerous critical financial and legal procedures, ensuring smoother transactions and secured futures.

Their work ensures pension schemes are adequately funded, beneficiaries receive their dues on time and employers comply with the law. Now, let’s meet these dedicated legal minds, making a mark in the pensions industry in the North West.

Howard Ridley – Pinsent Masons

Howard Ridley provide guidance on scheme documentation, transfers and mergers along with compliance matters. He has gained expertise in pension risk reduction procedures, such as buy-ins and de-risking. His forte is making the path of pensions smoother for everyone involved.

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Damien Garrould – TLT LLP

Damien Garrould of TLT LLP regularly assists clients with bulk transfers to master trusts, closure of schemes to future accrual and changes to contribution rates,
managing various aspects of pension schemes with adeptness. He also advises on pension aspects of outsourcing mandates and corporate transactions.

Patrick Kennedy – Gateley Legal

With a stellar reputation as a pension scheme trustee, Patrick Kennedy of Gateley Legal brings valuable insights regarding establishment and structuring of pension schemes to the table. He also assists with the resolution of liability matters, providing a holistic approach to his role.

Jeremy Harris – Fieldfisher

Jeremy Harris at Fieldfisher is a reliable resource for employers and trustees. He understands complex scheme issues like funding matters, contribution obligations and transfers to master trusts. He also provides assistance in corporate restructuring from the perspective of pensions.

Barry Gibb – Hill Dickinson LLP

Barry Gibb harbours a solid track record with employers and scheme trustees, assisting them on scheme mergers, wind-ups and liability issues. He also lends his expertise to the pension aspects of corporate transactions.

Stephen Scholefield – Pinsent Masons

A known name among scheme trustees and employers, Stephen Scholefield advises on an array of issues including scheme amendments, buy-ins and buy-outs, and funding arrangements. His expertise also encompasses GMP equalisation and the pension aspects of corporate restructuring plans.

Tim Green – CMS

Tim Green of CMS is known for his advice on scheme closures, buyouts and flexible apportionment arrangements as well as funding and equalisation matters. He is also noted for his pointed advice on Pension Protection Fund (PPF) issues, despite CMS not having a dedicated firm website.

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Charmian Johnson – Eversheds Sutherland

A robust supporter of pension scheme trustees, Charmian Johnson provides comprehensive support on scheme mergers and closures, rectification matters and bulk annuity transactions.

Sarah Lown – Eversheds Sutherland

Sarah Lown of Eversheds Sutherland advises on a variety of pensions matters including scheme mergers and closures, amendments and funding agreements. Her extensive knowledge provides significant support in a range of complex issues.

Pippa Read – Pinsent Masons

Pippa Read frequently assists with scheme documentation, funding, amendments, risk reductions and buy-ins for trustees and employers. Her approach, marked by thoroughness and clarity, consistently achieves favourable outcomes for her clients.

These notable lawyers in the North West embody professionalism and dedication in the pension space, ensuring steadfast trust management and justice in an often-overlooked legal discipline.

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